5 Reasons to use drag & drop email template builder

The email marketing industry has seen a massive boost regarding the number of emails sent by companies/brands in order to promote their product/campaign. This is because of how easy it has become to draft an email which will provide the customer with ample information about a company’s product/service.

There are many advanced techniques and software’s available in the market which will help you construct an email from scratch. But even so, many people don’t put those tools to good use and end up hindering the proper scaling of their business.

Businesses, small and medium enterprises are wrong on their part if they do not properly focus on their email marketing campaigns. Advertising and traditional marketing are all good, but a properly set email marketing campaign will help you scale your business faster.

Now, with that being said, it should be noted that various types of emails are needed to be drafted on a daily basis when it comes to email-based promotions. So, for a person to go around writing hundreds of email from scratch doesn’t seem feasible. It is in cases like this that the optimum use of email templates are required. There are various email template builder’s available online which can help you do your job with accuracy and ease.

One such email template builder, which we consider is the best at structuring emails is drag & drop email template builders. These consist of easy formatting, decent designs and highly customizable attributes. Let us brief you with some of the benefits of as to why you should consider using drag & drop emails.

Highly Customizable
style=”line-height: 1.38;margin-top: 12pt;margin-bottom: 12pt”>The drag & drop email template got its name from the fact that it provides its users, the ability to take any pre-structured box (text, image, header, etc.) and drop or position it anywhere on the email. It is as if you are creating your own personalized email template, which later on you would just have to fill and forward it.

Those pre-structured boxes consist of various attributes like image, text, heading, hyperlink and much more. An image box indicated that wherever you would drag & drop that box that is where you would be able to add an image, and it would be seen when you forwarded/sent your email.  

Less time consuming
Anything which gets the work done fast and in a simple way is considered to have the upper hand. When it comes to email templates drag & drop email templates are less time consuming, as the user can structure an email easily and according to their needs. All you have to do is choose where you want to place the pre-made boxes, enter the required details and forward it to the target audience.

Doesn’t require you to have technical knowledge
If a person is through with HTML 5 and CSS they can easily code and structure and email from scratch. But, what about those people who don’t possess this technical knowledge, but are still appointed the task of sending eye-catchy emails? Well, for them the best option out there would be email templates and specifically drag & drop email templates.

This will give them the ability to customize and email with ease without having problems related to coding. Hence, making their work easier.

Specific for a target audience
If you use a drag & drop email template you can easily customize your email according to the audience/customers you have to target. There would be no need of having to write another code or structuring and email from the start. All you would have to do is change the orientation of the pre-made boxes, change the content a bit. And, this way you would have different emails you could mail to a different set of audience.

Compatibility with different devices
The best part of using a drag & drop email template is that it has flexibility when it comes to; which device your emails will be compatible with. This means you won’t have to specifically code an email in a particular way so that it is viewable on different devices. Because the drag & drop email template would ensure that it is. So you no longer require hard coding or specific email templates for specific devices. Just go tray a drag & drop email template!


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