3 unsung heroes of the home office

As the ‘gig economy’ market continues to increase, with the UK seeing a growing number of over two million freelancers, more and more people are doing work from the comfort of their own homes. Here are some of the unsung heroes of the home office, helping people to get work done properly and efficiently.

A good keyboard and mouse combination
Evidently, in the modern day, the computer is one of the most integral parts of the office, as it helps the traditional worker stay connected to the workplace when working remotely, and the freelancer to stay connected in a network of opportunity and ways to make money doing what they’re passionate about. However, it’s also important to consider the peripherals and accessories that you plug into your device and have your fingers touching more than anything else. Not all keyboards are created equal:

A membrane keyboard is the most common type of keyboard that exists, and the type that most offices use (meaning it’s also the one that most people are familiar with). It consists of a rubberised layer underneath the plastic casing that records the corresponding keystrokes.

A mechanical keyboard is a much more durable and satisfying typing experience, that consists of individual switches underneath each key for precision and accuracy.

If you’re feeling particularly nerdy, you could follow in the footsteps of Peep Show’s Mark Corrigan and choose an ‘ergonomic management keyboard’ to assist you in your typing endeavours. Feeling a little more adventurous and fun? Try introducing some vibrancy to your work area with a multicoloured, programmable keyboard, typically intended for gaming.

Alongside these devices, a raised, cushioned mousepad will ensure that your wrists are raised and kept in safe positions when typing, to ensure you don’t get ailments such as repetitive strain injury.

Smart lighting

The drab and dreary low-light environment of the traditional office has been found in studies to not be great for sustaining a healthy workplace, and can actually result in sleeping issues. If thinking of ways to make your home more technologically advanced, why not consider switching out some of your traditional bulbs for some smart lighting ones? Not only can they change in colour and dim to help with eye strain and mood, but they can also help to save money on energy bills.

For professionals living in the city, these types of amenities and features are becoming a normalcy in purpose-built accomodation. RW Invest, for example, a property investment company with offerings in northern cities such as Liverpool and Manchester, feature intelligent lighting fixtures in a number of their apartments and prospective apartments going forward.

Office chair

Roll up, roll up! Experiencing some niggling back pains when sitting down? Struggling to work sat at your desk for prolonged periods without aching? It might be worth looking at getting yourself a new pair of wheels. A new office chair, that is.

Alternatively, here’s an idea that many are on their feet for: A standing desk. A growing trend in some of the more modern office environments, this method has many health benefits that are deserved of a standing ovation. It’s not for everyone through, as those working long hours might find that the common phrase ‘I’ve not sat down all day’ could get quite literal.

Remember: Even with the optimum conditions for work, it’s important to take a break every once in a while, to help yourself to recharge. You could have an office completely encased in bubble wrap or memory foam, and yet working yourself for unnecessary hours can result in you becoming burnt out all the while. Take some time away from screens to get some fresh air, and you’ll often see the quality of your work improving as a result.


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