10 Reasons Why You’re Lovable

“Where there is love there is life.~ Mahatma Gandhi 

Sometimes you may forget and believe you are not good enough.

You may not even realize it, but someone else see’s all the amazing things about you and why you are so loveable. So let this be a reminder of how truly magnificent you are … just because you’re YOU.

Your smile

    ~ I don’t care if your teeth aren’t perfectly straight or gleaming white. To me, when you smile and it reaches your eyes which twinkle with delight you show me who you truly are. It’s as though you really see me and you’re offering me a little parcel of your heart.

Your capacity to love

    ~ even though you have felt great pain and hurt, and have at times wanted the world to just swallow you up to stop your heartbreak, and although you sometimes try your hardest to hide it, you just can’t stop loving. It’s who you are. Even though it may take you a little time, you always return to wanting to share love in your life.

Your courage

    ~ you say you’re scared, and sometimes the world seems too big. It can be such a struggle to get out of bed in the morning and you just want to curl up in a ball, but every day you somehow find the strength to carry on and face it with such courage. You take small steps to love those around you, care for yourself and find pleasure in the smallest things; these things all add up to greatness.

Your creativity

        ~ you manage to express how you feel and who you are in so many wondrous ways, sometimes even without words. What astounds me is your clever creativity to hide from and avoid those things you are not ready for; it really does take such great skill. I wonder what you could do if you put all that skill and energy into doing what you do want?


How playful you truly are

    ~ although you may sometimes forget and need reminding now and then, I’ve seen you let your hair down. When you let yourself forget what others think, I watch you transform into the young girl or boy you once were, alight with laughter, teasing and silliness. Just give you the chance to spend time with a young child and you’ll be right beside them in make-believe, creating magic lands with Lego in your princess dress, or wielding a hero’s sword, or creating magic with a simple ball.

How come you never get bored of learning?

    Every day you learn something new. It may only be something small, but where do you store all this information? Just when I don’t think you could remember any more, you amaze me by learning to play the piano, taking up a martial art, learning to dance or speak a new language; anything that entertains you. You seem to get most excited when the challenge ahead seems a little daunting.

Your compassionate nature

    ~ even though you’ve been busy working hard and have been stressed at work, somehow when I least expect it, you reach out to help another person who may be suffering and in need. Not only do you donate your hard-earned money to people, but when your neighbour, or friend is sad or wounded by grief, you give them your time and compassion by offering a cup of tea, a listening ear, or warm arms to comfort.

You never stop growing

    ~ although I sometimes see you struggle and want to resist the changing tides of life, I am truly amazed at how you learn to adapt and grow with each ebb and flow to become a little stronger and more confident in who you are. Even though it may take a little while, you always choose to let go of who you were before and grow into who you are today.

Your passion and desire are so attractive

    ~ when all is said and done, I have to tell you how sexy you are: the way you use your whole body to feel the world around you and enjoy the small pleasures of each day; the way you express your soul and what you hold in your heart through your words, actions and energy. It gives me joy to see you on fire with your passion for living and being YOU.

Your sense of humour keeps you sane

    ~ you can see the funny side of life and its ups and downs. You manage to make light of situations that could easily drive you mad. Negative things happen in your life, but somehow you shake them off and laugh your way through. Your laughter is infectious and lifts the mood of those around you, so they don’t take themselves or life so seriously. Please never stop laughing or seeing the humour in the beautiful ridiculousness of life.



Jo Warwick: Writer, therapist, healer and believer in the magic of Life…

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