A Crash Course On Human Motivation

These five motivational mindsets are so powerful because you create their power through your intentions – through your inner visioning of these personal aspects of self. The five are personality, mind, heart, soul and universe. Each one can be fully activated with just a few minutes of inner focus. Here they are. Take a few minutes to see, feel, hear and sense each one’s full power as they surge through your mind, heart and body:

You are awesome. At a personality level there are unlimited ways you can be and interact with the world. Imagine yourself as a star on the stage of life being big and expressing your unique genius. Living the greatness you are wired for just by being you as fully as you can. The key here is to trust in yourself, let go of the past and live in the joy of the moment. Imagine you being an inspiration to many on the planet.

Your mind is unlimited and your thoughts can set you free.  Anything you can imagine, you can achieve. With the mind’s attention on what you want to create in your life, things happen in amazing ways. The key here is to drop limiting thoughts and beliefs and turn the mind’s power on manifesting what you want. All great things begin as great thoughts. Imagine your mind expanding the collective consciousness of the planet.

Your heart is part of the most powerful force on the planet. That planetary force is love. Love has the ability to answer most of the world problems. If you have an open heart and feel compassion for others you are a gift to all of us. The key here is to be that gift and share love and compassion in all you think, say and do. Imagine the love of your heart warmly covering the Earth and all living beings with loving-kindness.

Your soul is infinite and eternal. That means you come equipped with everything you will ever need in this lifetime to be amazing. Your higher nature has no limits. When you quietly make connection with this part of you, you will discover how powerful you can be. The key is to take time to listen to the quiet still voice of wisdom inside. Imagine yourself enlightened and enlivened by the source of spirit within and spreading your light wherever you go.

You are in the universe and the universe is in you. That means within you is the creative force of the universe. This huge view of who you are challenges you to grow into the power of that possibility. The key is opening in mind and heart to let yourself grow into the realization of your power as source energy. Imagine that the entire universe is inside of you. That changes the whole perspective doesn’t it?

Now just be who you are in this moment as a whirling source of endless energy spreading light, love, joy and inspiration everywhere you go. That is your purpose in case you were wondering.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D. is a writer, blogger and personal consultant who is on a mission to expand people’s minds and open their hearts so we can all lift each other up and inspire a better world. Check out his blog www.explorelifeblog.com and sign up for his free e-book called Spirited Living, which will put spunk back into everything you are doing.

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