8 Important Lessons Everyone Should Keep Learning For Better Life

I am yet to meet anyone who wanted the best out of life but was keen to make changes. This is not to say such persons don’t exist, they do. The point here is that to get better in one area or the other in life, you need changes and there are accompanying lessons that makes it happen. Many have battled the fear of failure; others have an uphill to climb because they lack self-belief.

Irrespective of what challenges you have, these 8 important lessons for a better life could prove more helpful than you think. While it is advisable not to get wrapped up in swaddles of preconceptions and misconceptions, you need to be open-minded to receive fresh insight in any area of life and here is how you can do this;

  1. Handling Mistakes

There is no one who has attained any height in life that never made mistakes. In fact, when you make mistakes you are put on the spot and how you handle them makes a lot of difference. If you evaluate the steps that led to your missteps, you might be able to recognize where you went wrong.

Some have said that learning from the mistakes of others can save you lots of heartaches and this is to be appreciated. However, it is not always that there is an open book to learn from; don’t beat yourself when you have to introspect and make amends where you faltered.

  1. Attitude towards Learning

It is commonly said that no man is an island and this is trite. Education they say is a lifelong process and in other words, you never stop learning if you must make progress. Now, the sense here is not to be restricted to structured or formal learning as informal learning can hand you a huge leap of faith as well. When the opening comes to learn something new, be open to explore new ideas. It is commonly advocated that reading can broaden your horizon and this is so true!

You can create a routine of reading a new book once a month and it will amaze you how your mind will be impacted by new ideas or a refresher of what you have previously learned. You need to be your own motivator and if you fall short of this, join a book club; there are many online and physical outlets to this around you if you bother to search it out.

  1. Color Play

Life is not just black and white, so you will do well to improve your taste of color. Psychologists say the way or how you are dress impacts on your mood and outcome in many circumstances. If you wear what you feel good in, you are likely to be more confident and daring.  Some colors portray the bright side of life and others will make you appear confident when you step into that meeting or appraisal room.

Blue portrays calmness and an air of stability; green imposes restfulness and eases eyestrain while orange boosts enthusiasm and is easily stimulating. Seeing the possibilities that exist with color picks , there is no doubt that you might want to play around this for better results.

  1. Look Ahead

There is hardly anyone who has succeeded in making progress by constantly using the rear view. Where you find yourself in life today is an endpoint of all you ever did or accepted until now. To move on to the next phase of life with improved outcomes, you need to focus on the road ahead. While lessons from the days gone past can be handy, what is important is to be upbeat about the future.

Habitual pessimism cannot give traction instead; this will pull you back and stymie your progress. A sage said ‘if you say you will fail, and then you will, so blame yourself”.  The road ahead might not be all rosy but be positive and nothing stops you from expecting the best in the midst of the contrary.

  1. Making a Difference

Many people want to see themselves in the light of what they cannot do instead of what they are able to do. There is simply no one on the earth that lacks the ability to make a worthwhile input at one point or the other. It might not be sophisticated or so outstanding but even a smile can make a difference in the life of someone around you.

Be committed to making a difference whether in your daily routine or your life’s calling.  Stick to excelling in what you do and you are likely to see a different set of results in life.  

  1. Your Mind Power

It is commonly said that your mind is a mirror of your life. In other words, what goes on in your mind determines the outcomes you get daily. If you succeed in positioning your mind as a vital accessory for self-improvement, then you will enjoy a better life. Steps like developing a better outlook, accessing new information as well as scrutinizing what you are exposed to, are necessary here.

A wise leader once said that “if you have no vision, others will give you one”. It means that your mind can be a depository for other people if you do not take control of it and determine how to put it to use.  Old patterns of thought can be replaced so that you open up a fresh trajectory into the future.

  1. Stop Expecting to be Everyone‘s Favorite

There is no one person that is loved by all. Many might be widely accepted but there are others who won’t accept them for who they are. Presidents are elected on a majority-vote basis in most democracies and this means a sizeable portion of the electorate will have other favorites.   It is important you stick to people who appreciate who you are and keep them close.

Success teacher, Mike Murdoch says “not everyone will celebrate you and never expect this to happen”.  Learn to play with your crew and those committed to your views and paradigm. Making progress can be easier and you might be saved lots of aches if you adhere to this admonition.

  1. Accept Responsibility for Your Life and Actions

It is sheer lack of experience and a deficit of how life works to expect anyone to babysit you throughout life. It is a mindset that has led many to their fall and demise. If all your life you have taken steps and only made progress based on the validation of another, then when such an individual leaves your life, you are likely to go downhill.  

You need to learn to take responsibility for what you do and how your life goes. The earlier you cultivate this trait, the easier it will be to expect less of people, be in control of your actions and lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Life is a gift that comes with fragility, deploying these 8 important lessons can be the trump card to better outcomes.


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