You Are Invited To a Free Self Confidence Webinar (hosted by me!)

Several months ago, I asked the PTB audience (yes, YOU!)  to offer input on a potential topic for a course I was planning. The overwhelming majority requested a course on improving self-confidence. So along with my friend and fellow personal development blogger Barrie Davenport (from Live Bold and Bloom), we have created an interactive 4-week course on self-confidence.

We realize that not everyone can commit to the course, and that some of you may want to learn more about it, so we are offering all of you the opportunity to learn a bit more about simple self-confidence techniques that you can apply to your own life right now.

We invite you to explore some of these techniques in a free 1-hour webinar called The Mind/Body Connection and Self-Confidence. There is absolutely no cost or commitment to join us!

The Mind/Body Connection and Self-Confidence webinar will be held on Sunday, February 26 at 8:00 p.m. EST. I will be the presenter and Barrie will field questions from our ‘audience’.

During the webinar, I will discuss some very specific ways your physical self impacts your self-confidence and actions you can take today to begin to use your physicality to boost your self-confidence.

No registration is necessary for the free webinar, but please sign up on the Self-Confidence Course wait list to receive an email today or tomorrow. (This does not commit you to taking the course but is a way for us to contact you with the log-in and password.)

At the end of the webinar, I will discuss our upcoming Simple Self-Confidence Course which opens for registration immediately after the webinar. Webinar attendees will receive a discounted price for the Course. If you are not interested in the Simple Self-Confidence Course, you are still warmly welcomed to attend the webinar. You can just sign off when she begins discussing the Course.

Sign Up on Wait List Here to Receive an Email This Week with Webinar Log-In Details.