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Why Quitting Your Job Might Not Be a Bad Idea

Have you ever wondered what you could do if you did not have to go to work? Are you unsatisfied with your job or your employer? Sometimes we need to “dump the trash” to make room for new opportunities. So many of us get caught in the daily grind, and we forget what is important to us. Our happiness is just as important if not more important than our finances.

Assess Your Situation

Are you unhappy when you come home from work? If you are, try to understand why you feel the way you do after a day of work. Do you feel passionate about your work? Do you think you could be happier doing something else? Are you making enough money? If you are not passionate about what you are doing in your current profession, it can often mean it is time to start exploring other options.

Dream Big

Too often people do not let themselves dream. They do not want to be unrealistic. What would make you happy? If you have been tied down by the same job for a while you realize how important a change can be for a person.  Allow yourself to explore all options and interests. Perhaps you want a job in a similar field, or maybe you want to change professions completely. It is okay to stay in the same job field, but it is also completely natural to want to explore new opportunities. What would you like to spend the next few years doing? Maybe you have a particular hobby you enjoy doing, and perhaps you would like to do something related to that.


If you decide a new job is what you need it is a good time to start looking at how you spend your money on a daily basis. Figure out what your needs are, and what you can live without. Making a life change is not easy, and when you are not financially prepared it can be even harder. Create a budget. And STICK TO IT! If you are going to quit your job, you need to have enough money to survive while you are looking for a new one. Figure out exactly how much money you need to get by each month.

Explore Your Options

There are a million opportunities out there for people. Whether you have a college degree or not, there is a variety of things to do with your life. You can explore positions in the professional world that you think you are qualified for, but you should also look into fields you are interested in learning more about. Often companies have entry level positions where you do not need much experience to begin. These are a great option for people that are in a transitional phase. There are also opportunities to be found locally around your home. Ask yourself, “would you rather serve coffee in a local cafe to people who are happy reading their books or work for an angry boss? Those might not be your two options, but my point is to say that  exploring something we were not necessarily interested in before can be very rewarding.


Once you have explored all your options it is time to start applying. Apply anywhere you think would be a good opportunity for you. If a job interests you in any way, whether it be financially just because it looks fun, you should apply. The economy is rough these days, and finding a new job is incredibly difficult, so don’t limit the places to which you apply.

Dump the Old Job

Sometimes working in a negative environment is similar to being in a bad relationship. It just brings you down, and it closes you off to healthy alternatives. There are always jobs out there where you could make more money, and the longer you stay in your job the longer you close yourself off to those better financial opportunities. Once you have found a way to at least make enough money to get by whether it is at a local shop or even a professional entry job, get out of your bad situation. Remaining in a toxic environment can take a toll on you mentally and physically. Take action, and get out!

Explore Your Passion

Remember no matter where you go after you move on from your old job, it is important to explore your passion. We all have something that gets us excited and makes us feel invigorated. It is of the utmost importance to feed that passion. If you cannot make money pursuing your passion, see if you can volunteer somehow. Do whatever you can to get a foot in the door, and you’ll be one step closer to pursuing your dreams.

Jennifer Ricci works with privatestudentloanconsolidation. Her job entails helping graduate students find work, write out their goals, and gain financial freedom. When she isn’t working she loves to study economics and politics.

10 Responses to Why Quitting Your Job Might Not Be a Bad Idea

  1. Dan Erickson says:

    I’m a college instructor and enjoy my work, but have a stronger passion for music and writing.  I’m at an age where it would not be cost effective to quit my job without certainty of  income.  However, if I were 25 years younger, I would quit my job and follow a different path.  I don’t regret the path I’ve chosen, I just think we have great opportunity in our youth to define who we are and go after what we truly desire.  That said, many young people have not yet discovered what that path is, so it’s a catch-22.  I’ll continue at my job while I work at my passions.  I’ve completed one book, “A Train Called Forgiveness,” and have a second ready for release in early 2013.   Your advice is well-taken.

  2. Lea says:

    Examining your finances is so important, especially if you’re independent and would like to stay that way. Often people think those things will just work themselves out, but if you want to minimize stress conscious effort is necessary. Money is often the motive when career paths are chosen. If we put more emphasis on our passion we’d be happier for it.

  3. Mark says:

    Easier said than done.  I hate to be a party pooper but I think everyone gets pigeon holed.  I’ve been in data center operations for over 20 years and hate it (though the people are great as well as my benefits), but I would love to do something else.  That something else does not pay much – hence I am stuck where I’m at.

  4. Clay says:

    That is what I did a couple of years ago now, never regretted it! I particularly agree when you say “Too often people do not let themselves dream”, it all starts with being able to think “wide” and allowing yourself to explore all possibilities, even the wildest ones

  5. Lena says:

    This is a great article! I think a lot of times people get stuck in jobs they don’t like because as you’ve mentioned they don’t allow themselves to dream big and once they do, they might not remember how to anymore. I’ve found that a great way of cluing into your passion is by paying attention to what you have strong reactions towards. Jealousy in particular is an important emotion to pay attention to. It might point you towards something you never knew you wanted. 

  6. Chetan says:

    Good Article !  This came in right time where I am thinking of changing my job and do some course for better opportunity.  Thanks Jennifer for the post :)

  7. Rachel Vauls says:

    Great article. I’ve just been given the all clear from cancer & have now been off work since March. I’m due back next March but have made the decision, with my husband, to give up work. He travels with his job so I can go with him & I’m also signing up for an Open University course. I’ve realised that there’s a lot more to life than sitting behind a desk 9-5 getting stressed out about a job that’s really not worth it. Apart from missing seeing my work colleagues every day I can honestly say at I haven’t missed working.

  8. Sabir Jalil says:

    nice article 

  9. Jewed says:

    Good for you Rachel. All the best, health and happiness!

  10. Luis says:

    On Nov 2, 2012, I made the craziest decision to leave my job that was paying me over $100,000 a year depending on my output. The reason for my departure was because I no longer liked working for the company and I did not liked or loved what I did for a living. The craziest thing is I have been wanting to quit for the last four years and did not have the nerve to quit. But on Thursday of Nov 1, 2012 I knew that on Friday Nov 2, 2012 It would be my last day of working for someone ever again. I gave my resignation and I haven’t looked back…. Sometimes you just have to jump with blind faith.

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