5 Truths That Will Transform Your Life

Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth. –Thoreau

We all prefer to live by our own rules. These are often trial and error methods. We make mistakes, learn a lesson from them and avoid them in future. A wise way to live life is by learning from others’ mistakes. With eons of wisdom and experience, there are some golden rules that hold good for every one.

These are those few truths that have been proving their worth and success since ages. If these few lessons are learned by heart and life is lived by following these, I am sure you can experience a new birth.

No decision is good or bad, it is the end result that matters. This is undoubtedly the best lesson I have learned in life. Like Shakespeare said, ‘alls well that ends well’. You do something different and you will be criticized but if the same decision turns out to be fruitful in the end, you will be applauded. There are countless examples where scientists, philosophers, writers and entrepreneurs were panned for their new thought, process and creation but when the same idea worked well, they were rewarded and revered.

So the point here is to first make a sensible decision and then stick to it. Defend it and work to make it successful. Stop pondering over why did you do something in the past or why did you take some decision. Pause for a while and decide to carve out a path from the same thing onwards. Whatever happened, has happened. Now excel in whatever you are doing and it will be alright.

90% of us have the same level of talent. It is the attitude that determines our altitude. It is very often that we attribute success of others to their talent or destiny. But the reality is that we all human beings have almost the same level of talent and capability. Just that we have different priorities and different aptitudes. And yeah! Different attitude. Our attitude determines the course of our life.

Do no ever feel you don’t have it in you. Instead say you will develop it in you. Take inspiration from legends. Work towards your goal. Quantify your goals and take the steps forward without wondering whether you have it in you or not.

Never think of problems, think of solutions.  I have been through this in the initial years of my career. In those times, while working on the project, I used to think more about problems. I had a critical attitude. I was always ready to criticize my project. Though the reason was that I was utterly unhappy with my career at that point but if I look back now, I feel maybe I was unhappy because I never took the time out to appreciate the good things about my project. Agreed that my project had some problems but instead of finding solutions to those problems, I focused more on the problems themselves and thus I could not get anything useful from that experience.

I changed this mindset entirely after reading a lot online and working on my career and attitude and by figuring out what I actually liked. Thinking in terms of solutions helps us in becoming optimistic. It enhances our logical reasoning and improves our overall productivity. While being fixed at problems will only give us negative views and results in pessimistic behavior.

Honesty is always the best policy.  This is probably the first maxim that we read as children but I doubt if all of us actually put it into practice. In todays world of cut throat competition and piling peer pressure, giving up honesty seems to be the easiest and the most convenient thing to do. But let me assure you that honesty always pays back in terms of rewards. You may not see them in short term but they are always there in the long term.

I remember my dad used to get frustrated seeing his colleagues taking bribes and living a luxurious life while he normally struggled to get all his ends met. But now after about 35 years of work, he now feels that his honesty in work and in life has paid him off very well. He feels happy that he is regarded as an honest man, has got reliable friends and that he has emerged as a stronger, happier and contented man, while his same colleagues are facing problems of unethical work practice charges and most of them are worried about their children’s misconduct.

The moral is if you are honest with life, your life will be honest with you and will not cheat on you!

Only keep the essentials, cut the unnecessary and you will achieve more.  This is the most insightful lesson I have learnt from my husband. He is a man who firmly believes in ‘simple living, high thinking’. He never had a mobile phone even though he was working thousands of kilometres away from his family. After getting selected for India’s most reputed and highest civil services exam, he got a phone only on my insistence. He always considers phone as a major source of distraction. Contrary to his belief, I used to be addicted to my phone and internet. But now after being with him for 3 years, I also keep my phone on silent mode!

With silent phone, switched off TV, shut down laptop and a playful daughter, we are able to spend some wonderful moments together which was not the case earlier when these gadgets would keep running almost always. We must cut down the extra stuff from our life for better focus and attention.

This applies not only to gadgets but also to people. Cut down the extra, weighty strings of attachments form your life and focus that energy on the people you need the most. Throw away the things you don’t need and take extra good care of the things you depend upon. With better concentration, you will achieve better results. That is my guarantee.


Surabhi Surendra lives in Andamans and blogs at Womanatics – a blog about women, relationships and inspiration. If you enjoyed this article, you may like to follow her on Twitter or become a fan!

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30 Responses to 5 Truths That Will Transform Your Life

  1. Alex Mathers says:

    So who exactly might the untalented 10% be? I think this point could have been put better, but nice article!

  2. Reymarkz says:

    They are the one who are disabled. We have the same level of talent but sometimes some people lacks capability to do it. :)

  3. Doodoohakusho says:

     10% deviation in itself. these people can be geniuses or disabled, it doesn’t specify.

  4. surabhi says:

    Well, I would say these 10% are the ones who dont have an aptitude for that particular area. Like no matter how hard I try, I know I just can not do few things. I can not participate in a beauty pageant as I am not tall enough! Or I know I can’t perform good in Maths as I hate the subject and I did try my level best to master it but I just could not do it. 

    I think not everyone can do everything so these 10% of people exist in all of us in some field or the other. Hope I have answered well. 

  5. surabhi says:

    Yeah! I agree.. 

  6.  nice article. very good suggestions. surely this will help. I would like to add 1 line i.e. ” If god is with me who is against me?” This line will surely help to boost confidence. Thanks

  7. surabhi says:

    thats such a morale booster Sarajeet. Thanks for mentioning it here.. 

  8. Neha Manavi says:

    after reading this i feel that really we all r in a same boat n u understand it so well  i n like ur explanations n try to follow in my life

    thanx didi

  9. surabhi says:

    awww… so sweet mutku.. but how come you commented here..? tune yahan comment kiya.. mujhe sach mein bahut achcha laga.. 😀 

  10. Monishailangovan says:

    that’s an awesome post surabhi…..thank u for the post……absolutely loved each word in the post…of great substance..kudos…

  11. surabhi says:

    Thank you so much.. it really means a lot when a reader appreciates my writing. Thanks again. I am very glad you liked it. 

  12. Jamal Khalid says:

    Disagree with the first one…..

  13. The truth about honesty hits home for me. I was just recently faced with a situation where I chose to be honest at a time where a number of people may have done differently and from a revenue standpoint, it may have cost me.  I kicked myself for a while about it, but what you say is true, “if you do not cheat life, it won’t cheat you.”

  14. Richard says:

     No decision is good or bad, it is the end result that matters. … this is rather debatable… a lot of people may take this to mean they can do anything because they may see a semblance of “good” coming out of their decision, when others may see otherwise.This can only be true if a person have the purest of heart and intention. And we fully know that that is not the case for most people.

  15. Sage Grayson says:

    Nice. I have an offshoot of the 90% one: “you are not special.” It might sound harsh, but when you realize that you are not special or different from anyone else, it opens up so many possibilities. If they could do it, then of course you can do it! They’re not special either. That means nothing is out of reach.

  16. Lovely McLoverstein says:

    I was thinking the other ten might go to someone such as Einstein. Not the other way around. Everyone is capable of something great. 

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  18. surabhi says:

    Yeah.. this one is also closest to me. I also feel what goes around comes around.. 

  19. surabhi says:

    Richard, the point here is not ethical. It is about how we many a times attribute our failures to ‘some wrong choices’. Its like success at the end is all that matters. 

  20. surabhi says:

    Yeah.. this is what I was trying to say.. 

  21.  90% of us have the same level of talent. Maybe that is why the rest of 10% are successful! Sorry but the deviation in itself is very high and even 10 % is not the success rate in life specially in populous countries like India.

  22. I think you’ve made some truly interesting
    points. Not too many people would actually think about this the way you just


  23. surabhi says:

    Well, I think that depends on how you define success. 

  24. surabhi says:

    Thank you.. I am glad you liked the post.. 

  25. surabhi says:

    Absolutely! I mean 90% of ppl can do things that most of us do.

  26. Maverick Juanico says:

    Your statements were clearly pointed out. Nice one. Also, I like the moral you mentioned which is “If you are honest with life, your life will be honest with you. Overall, I enjoy this article.

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  28. Short Hair says:

    Good post about 5 Truths That Will Transform Your Life

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  29. máy lọc nước kangaroo thasnks u, I would like to add 1 line i.e. ” If god is with me who is against me?” This line will surely help to boost confidence

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