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Day 2: This is The Best Way To Lose That Lethargic Feeling Once and For All!

My three-year-old seems to have an endless supply of energy. He is ready to go the minute the sun peeks over the horizon. And by ready to go, I mean, he’s ready to play, dance, and run laps around the house … in the morning.

As adults, we tend to burn the candle at both ends, thinking we’re three years old, with an endless supply of energy. We stay up late, work hard, go to bed at irregular hours, and eat on the run. And then we wonder why we can barely crawl out of bed most mornings, let alone hit the ground running.

While we can’t turn back the hands of time, we can get some of that zip back in our step.

Here’s how to lose that lethargic feeling once and for all!


Interestingly, one of the most important things you can do to energize your body is to give it more rest. While experts say people require different amounts of sleep, most people should get between seven and eight hours a night. A lack of sleep has been traced back to many of our worst health issues.

Note to those trying to lose weight: a lack of  sleep can also have a negative effect on your diet,  according to a recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Researchers tested 10 dieters by reducing their caloric intake moderately. Those who slept a full night of 8.5 hours lost more than half of their total weight loss (about 6.6 pounds) in fat. However, those who slept only 5.5 hours, lost a similar amount of weight, but less of the loss was body fat, with proteins and fat-free body mass making up a bulk of their weight loss.

The sleep deprived also had unfavorable changes in their metabolism during the study. When you don’t sleep enough, you can’t possibly keep up with life’s demands.

Eat Well

When I used to work a 9-5 job, I dreaded the inevitable post-lunch lethargy that had me wanting to crawl under my desk with a pillow around 2 pm or so every day. Turns out, that sleepy feeling was the result of a lunch too rich with carbohydrates.

I tinkered with my meals, eschewing the white bread and snacks for a mix of protein and slower-acting carbs, such as whole wheat pasta and brown rice. In the morning, I swapped cereal or bagels for whole wheat toast and peanut butter.

Rather than candy, I snacked on nuts during the day – rich in protein! What a difference these simple modifications made! Do some research, find out how your body reacts with different foods, and craft your menu to ensure you have energy when you need it.

You’ve Got to Move it, Move it!


Our bodies crave motion. We were built to walk, stretch, run, and boogie. Yet, it’s all too easy to settle into a routine which has us seated for the better part of our day. And when you don’t move, you get rusty, in a sense.

I say this with confidence, knowing that I’ve spent about 80% of my life as inactive as a rock.

Well, a rock who can type on a keyboard. And I’ve felt like crap for, oh say, about 80% of my life. But when I get outside and do something as simple as going for a walk with my child, it’s like someone greased my rusty limbs. The more I walk, the easier it is to get moving the next day.

Find an activity you enjoy – walking, running, dancing, basketball, tennis, etc… Do what you enjoy doing and you’ll have energy for the things you don’t really want to do.

Drink Water


Staying hydrated is important for overall health and keeping your energy levels. Unfortunately, caffeine (found in most so-called energy drinks) is a diuretic, and works to flush water from your body, leaving you feeling dehydrated and sluggish.

Drink water (without sugar!) throughout the day to feel better.



Meditation benefits not only your mind, but your body, too. Find a quiet place each day to close your eyes, focus on your breath, and shrug off your stress and burdens.

Do What You Love.


Have you ever met someone who is successful at a job they love? They, like my three year old, seem to jump out of bed each morning eager to kick ass. Yet people who feel stuck in jobs they hate or bad relationships, have a hard time getting energized or motivated.

Find a way to do what you love, be true to yourself, and follow your dreams, and you’ll feel a lot more energized. If you’re not sure where to start, you might want to consult with a life coach or psychiatrist to help you sort out your life.

See a Doctor


Sometimes, feeling lethargic can be a sign of illness or depression. If you’re continually feeling like it’s hard to get going, then make an appointment to see your doctor.

Have you got any tips on how to break out of that lethargic feeling?

We’d love to hear what works for you.


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David Wright is a professional ghostwriter and cartoonist who blogs about fatherhood at Blogger Dad.

37 Responses to Day 2: This is The Best Way To Lose That Lethargic Feeling Once and For All!

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  2. The Vizier says:

    Hi David,

    This is a timely article for me since I am feeling lethargic.

    I like this article because you raise many points which we take for granted.

    While I agree with all your points, the point that resonates most strongly with me is doing what you love. When you have purpose in life, you know where you want to go and you devote all your strength and energy in getting there. In this state, I have found that I hardly feel lethargic and can work day in day out with minimal rest. On the contrary, when I am not doing something I love, I feel lethargic all the time because I have nothing to look forward to.

    Thanks for sharing this great post!

  3. Anita says:

    Great points David. I’d add two more if I may.
    – Make sure you don’t forget the ‘kid’ in you. It’s always fun to have fun.
    – Do all of the above (except the doctor one) every day, not once a week.

    Thank you for the excellent reminder of what’s good for our energy.

  4. Dandy says:

    This article is perfect for me. I’ve battled low energy my whole life. It wasn’t until I started eating more healthy and exercising everyday that I started to gain more energy. It sounds strange that they way to get energy is to use energy. But it is true. When I start to drag through my days then I realize I haven’t exercised enough. I’m still not a high energy person and I realize I never will be. I also accept that I don’t have to be!!

    Thanks, Dandy

  5. Bucky says:

    I used to have lymes disease and I used to do a lot of drugs in college. I was depressed for a while too. My energy was non-existent.
    I’ve already done everything on this list for the past two years.

    I’m up to a gallon of water a day. That one’s probably the hardest to keep on top of.

  6. David Wright says:

    @ The Vizier – Thank you for commenting. And yes, there is a world of difference in the energy you feel when you’re doing something you love versus something you have to do.

    @Ania – Great points, thank you. And yeah, I don’t think any of us could afford to see a doc that often!

    @Dandy – It DOES seem counterintuitive that spending energy can create energy, one would think that resting would create energy (and it does when you need it) but too much rest and you become a marshmallow. Thank you for the comment.

    @Bucky – Glad to see these have worked for you! Best of luck with continuing the progress!

  7. Timely, yes…..
    The tip about you point out that I need to get going on is MOVING…
    Typically very active, I have been working very hard building a business, neglecting the active life I had once had for 30 plus years…..

    This has helped me to say – No excuses…. the time is NOW… I will get moving – and use this 30 day challenge to keep me motivated.


  8. Great post here! This would sure perk up and remind people who tend to push themselves too hard for material needs, and forget that their body and soul needs to be well-fed and nourished as well. Sleep. Good food. Exercise. Healthy lifestyle. We’re never out of ways on how to stay “alive and kicking” but many just resign themselves to unhealthy modes of living their life. That’s gotta change!

    One more thing: On days when I do feel down, lethargic and stressed… I DANCE! Now, I am not much of a dancer. But the dancing stretches muscles, pump up blood and energy, and gee! I laugh at myself doing this. How can I not? Alone, no music, stomping and imitating some hip-hop craze. Then I go back to my work, a silly grin on my face. The lethargy’s left in the office toilet, by the way.

    Cannot wait for your next post, David! And yeah, reading this took me off that kinda boring episode of the day. :) So thanks!

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  10. Kimmy says:

    I bet that “What is a ghostwriter?” is an icebreaker/conversation starter that never gets old. XD

    You have a funny writing style, David. The blog entry from BloggerDad that started off with “I must be a masochist,” made me go, “What?!” XD But yeah, it really shines through in this article in the brief parts where you paint funny personal scenarios, like hiding under your desk with your pillow. My favorite part was: “Have you ever met someone who is successful at a job they love? They, like my three year old, seem to jump out of bed each morning eager to kick ass.” XD It really goes to show that you do take your own advice; I can’t imagine a grumpy, tired guy writing with such delightful creativity. You’ve inspired many people with this article, including me, so keep living it up, David! (:

  11. Ande says:

    Excellent “jumpstart” list. :) Your three year old sounds like my one year old Springer spaniel, Ducky, when it comes to energy. And all the things you list are things that happen naturally in her life. Regarding “doing what you love,” what I’ve noticed about Ducky is that when she isn’t doing something she loves, like getting groomed, she still finds a way to find something fun about it.

    I think that’s a key point–if we don’t yet have the freedom to do what we love for work and we need to spend much of our day doing something we need to do but don’t ideally want to do, we need to find a way to love what we’re doing. It’s possible to change how we feel without changing the circumstances. I think that’s what kids and animals are good at and it sure does create endless energy. :)

  12. Marnie says:

    There are so many ways I want to challenge myself this year and you’ve touched on a lot of those topics.

    I dealt with depression for 3 years and I’m now ready to be the best version of myself!

  13. Magnoliade says:

    Thanks for this post! I try to live health and phisical activity is a great choice=)

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  16. Thank You, for rely good and simple article! It is like this, good and sufficient sleep during of night are our key for Balanced and Healthy lifestyle :-)

  17. Wan says:

    Excellent piece of article. I will be sure to try and apply each one.

  18. George says:

    Thank you so much for the invaluable issues that you have been so kind to share with the world. Through your words, one message seems to scream out: We have it within us to propel ourselves forward. That is what we should all consume ourselves with.

  19. Andre says:

    Great blog. Will share

  20. Corinna says:

    I’ve just found this blog and it contains so many great advice!! Thanks all for your uplifting comments!

  21. ravi patwardhan says:

    really tomorrow is disease in this context.


  22. Martin K. says:

    Try something new – every time you experience and/or learn something new, you expand your comfort zone. It makes life more interesting and can definitely help fight with this lethargic feeling.

  23. Olivia says:

    a nap of about 30 mns-1 hour in midday helps a lot in energizing but unfortunately we can’t do that everyday..!

  24. Saigasukumar says:

    thank u so much.this is a must read article.

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  26. Cmiller says:

    Great article! I like your breakfast substitutes I think I will give it a try.

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  29. Sakina Z Imani says:

    I feel tired most of the time which is building the already existing depression in me to the next level. In my surroundings, I feel out of place. Don’t know what to talk and say to people. I can’t concentrate on my work and my mind goes completely blank. I have suicidal thoughts. Please help me. 

  30. khan says:

    I too feel out of place most of the time and cant communicate well but focusing on what i have to do at work really helps filter those feelings out, plus the work is done well and on time which is apprecited by higher management which gives me a sense of acomplishment

  31. Madhav Srimohan says:

    Thanks. The article seems to have solved my problems. Will start working on the solutions given above from today itself.

  32. Marwan says:

    The lethargic feeling you’re talking about was covered surfacely and briefly. The lethargic feeling consists in many cases in that people don’t feel a change because they come back to a previous state, which you called “lethargic.” Well, actually, in some situations you come back to the same point, not becaus you didn’t change but because you were given a second chance by God; a chance to choose again but with what you gained from that experience, including but not limited to, knowledge, quotes, motivations and all the swifts that last and incur here and there, later and now. GOD HAS GIVEN YOU A SECOND CHANCE !!!! HOW MERCIFUL IS HE !

  33. Marwan says:

    All the swifts of ideas are needed in that new repeated decision

  34. maighvee says:

    I do not agree with going to psychiatrist since they will further make things worse with their prescription medication. I went to a psychiatrist two year ago, had terrible experience trying to quit medicine cold turkey, hence still fighting my way through tapering since April 2013. Never go to a psychiatrist.

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