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Day 3: This Awesome Trick Can Boost Your Mood Anytime

Feeling grouchy? Lethargic? Annoyed or irritable?

Bad moods happen to the best of us, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do about them.

The fact is, most of us feel like we’re at the mercy of our moods and try to push through or wait it out instead of taking positive action to improve our state of mind. Many people don’t even believe that it’s possible to change their mood and instead make themselves and everyone around them miserable.

There are some tricks you can use to boost your mood, but the most important thing is making that leap of faith and have confidence that you’re taking positive action to make yourself feel better. With that in mind, I’d love for you to try this trick that works for me 9 times out of 10 (the other time I’ve got a sinus headache and need a neti pot to fully get back in my good mood groove).

The next time you are in a funk, crabby as hell, blah to the bone or feeling like you’re about to jump out of your skin, try this:

1.                  Stand up.

2.                  Find a spot in the room where you can see your shadow on the wall.

3.                  Start doing a little skippy-joggy motion.

4.                  Loosen up your shoulders.

5.                  Do a couple of one-two jabby-jabs

6.                  Make sure that you’re breathing in and out.

7.                  Keep up with the skippy-jog

8.                  If you feel up to it, do your best Mohammed Ali impression: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” “I AM the GREATEST!”

9.                  Do some more jabby-jabs.

10.                  Continue until you’re laughing your ass off at yourself.

11.                  Resume life in a much better mood.

You don’t have to shadow box; the trick is to do something, anything that gets you moving and helps you break your state.  Exercise helps to clear the mind and make negative emotions less intense. Doing something silly and not so grown up is a good way to remind ourselves that life has its good points, too.

Other combinations that work for me and will most likely work for you, too:

  • Skipping around the house like I used to do when I was 7 and in pigtails.
  • Trying to do the Crane Kick from the Karate Kid movie.
  • Turning on my favorite, most cheesy Disco or 1980s music and lip synching my heart out.
  • Pretending I’m in the scene in Rocky where he’s running through the town and up the steps to the city hall.
  • Doing jumping jacks.
  • Pretending I’m Richard Simmons leading a workout.

Sound crazy? Maybe it is, a little, but is it any crazier than barking at everyone because you’re in a bad mood? Or getting behind on your work because you feel too meh to get started?

There are strategies you can use to improve your mood long term and to adopt a more positive world view, however for a quick mood boost and confidence lift, why not try a little shadow boxing, lip synching, interpretive dance to hair metal ballads or prancing like a pony?

You’ll get the one two punch of getting some exercise, which is known to improve mood and a break in state to help you leave the bad mood behind.


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Tracy O’Connor blogs about ghostwriting and living a better life. Follow her on Twitter.

28 Responses to Day 3: This Awesome Trick Can Boost Your Mood Anytime

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  2. tarryn says:

    Hi again just read this article again…. Everyone who reads it should give it a try, it is simple and puts a smile back on your face.

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  4. The Vizier says:

    Hi Tracy,

    These are truly useful tricks that can indeed boost your mood anytime. I love how you mention Rocky and the Karate Kid as those are inspirational movies I enjoy. But you are right. Whenever we feel down, we should get up, move and do something to take our minds off our moods. It might also help to find ways and means to resolve the issue that is bothering us if possible.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Bucky says:

    Picture the song “You’re the best around” playing in the background when you’re doing the karate kid stuff.

    I like to walk up as many flights of stairs as possible until I’m very winded when I get pissed off at work.

  6. I am very much relieved that none of the comments so far have said I’m crazy!

    @Bucky My kids LOVE doing their karate style moves to “You’re the Best”. It’s so much fun! I love watching them throw themselves completely into character.

  7. Tracy,

    Just reading this put me in a better mood. Thinking of myself randomly doing a crane kick from Karate Kid is just too much.

    When I’m in a bad mood, I like to do some kind of service like buying a gift for someone, or help with the yard work. It’s hard to stay in a bad mood when you are doing good for others.

  8. Alaa says:

    haha, just reading this put a smile on my face!! (haha, Pretending I’m in the scene in Rocky where he’s running through the town and up the steps to the city hall.) I will most definitely try this the next time I need to boost my mood.

    Thank you!!

  9. Steve Kim says:

    “Emotion comes from motion!” as Tony Robbins says..
    Physically moving your body and saying outloud outrageous comments at the same time will definately put you in a empowering state (higher the intensity, stronger the state)
    However, it’s important to note that even as ridiculous as practicing crane kick in your living room could become mundane if you do it enough times so make sure you mix up your routine! (I recommend the Bruce Lee imitation just before he faces Kareem Abdul Jabaar) Whooaaaaddaaa~!!! :)

  10. Hi Steve, I like that “Emotion comes from motion!” quote. I am cracking up at the idea of being “Ho hum, have to do my Flashdance routine, then brush my teeth and head to bed” but I get your point. I think constantly trying new things and nurturing your playful side is a crucial part of personal growth. I’m not particularly well versed in how the mind works, but I can say that even while I’m goofing around, when I imitate iconic scenes it does help me see myself differently.

  11. Rebecca says:

    These are really good suggestions, because laughing about something almost always helps when you’re not in a good mood.

    Personally, what helps me when I’m being grumpy is that every negative, sour, or angry thought that comes into my head, I replace it with a positive thought.

    So, I bring myself up by talking myself out of being grouchy and seeing the good things out of the situation.

    And smiling at people even when you don’t feel up to it, their smile will help.

    Great article!

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  13. Kimmy says:

    Tracy, you blog about ghostwriting?

    Wow, you’re so fun, energetic, and creative! XD I visited your twitter, even though I don’t have a twitter, and your bio made me laugh, “I also write for a number of other websites, but they won’t admit it publicly.” THAT’S SO… HORRIBLE AND WRONG!! XD And the URL of your website. It’s horrible too. XD But you type it like it’s completely normal/acceptable; I just find it very charming and funny with a flair. Your writing style fully supports the advice that you give (: Just imagining your silly, childish ideas lifts people’s moods. Thank you so much, Tracy ♥

  14. Ande says:

    Great suggestions! These are all great ways to get your mind to follow your body, which is what NLP teaches us. Change your body, change your mental state. One of the goofy ways I do it is with “The Peel and Bounce,” which I demonstrate on the Invite page of my blog, Up From Splat. It looks silly as all get out, but it really works. :)

  15. Thank You… just reading this article put me in a good mood =) You’re totally right. I love your insight and know it will be helpful when I start getting into a funk.

    …now following you on Twitter =)


  16. Marnie says:

    For me, music is a huge mood changer. I just have to remember that next time I need it!

  17. Andre says:

    Great tricks.

    Andre Lewis
    Stay motivated @

  18. David Cross says:

    That’s actually a really helpful idea. :) 

  19. Martin K. says:

    Haha I like this! Acting silly is a great way to relax and cheer yourself up. Some people are too serious – chill out!

  20. Devin321 says:

    hello from inez middle school band

  21. Alex Rowdy says:

    flower tricks

  22. anon says:

    this rings so true. just earlier today i was stressing over the silliest thing (no pun intended), eventually remembered reading somewhere that a good trick is to laugh at oneself, so i started laughing in the most absurd manner. it really helped me lighten up!

  23. Anirudh says:

     jabby-jabs actually made me feel better. :) Thanks.


  24. Kim T says:

    Haha, this is awesome. I’m laughing just imagining myself doing this. I particularly like #8 and your use of “jabby-jabs”. :)

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  28. SunnySunny Bodana says:

    Silly but fun and it works

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