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The Art of Imagination

How often do you hear about someone who’s “full of it?” or pretty much crazy?

And what do you think of when you hear that?

Most people often just think the person, who’s full of it is someone who talks a lot of nonsense or worse, a liar.

But you know something?

Being crazy or full of it is a powerful trait which I want to share with you all because I know it can help you guys out.

Why I am crazy

I’m probably the angriest person alive.

That much I am opening up to everyone who’s reading this now.

I am constantly swarmed with negative thoughts. I get angry easily because of a random thought of someone who wronged me.

I can be in the comforts of my own room, enjoying a good YouTube video and then automatically get pissed when I think of say…

The time my ex-girlfriend cheated on me.

Then I go absolutely crazy.

I start to think of how I’d confront the guy she cheated on me with and start beating him up and think about how I may end up in jail for breaking the law. That of course would make my family really upset. And my future would be ruined. But hey, at least I got my revenge!

There’s NO holding back!

Did you see how crazy I was there?

Stop making things up in your head

What I described above never happened.

I made it all up!

I was going crazy with my thoughts!

Now this is the danger in the art of imagination.

To let negative thoughts take control of your mind and body…

… and then go crazy with your thoughts on the possibilities of what can happen should you take action, or not.

I think of beating and hurting someone, which ultimately hurts me.

How about you?

Do you think of the nice insults you can hurl at your annoying boss, but wonder what you’d do when you get fired? Or do you think of how your busy friends probably can’t be there for you when you are feeling sad?

Whatever it is, guess what?

They don’t exist at all.

They don’t.

Do you want to continually make yourself feel angry or sad over things that aren’t even real?

I personally came across this revelation when well, I was just tired of being angry all the time. It doesn’t make sense to be angry in my own room, which has air-conditioning, video games, and food.

It doesn’t make sense to be angry or upset over things that hasn’t happened yet, when you can enjoy the great life you’re already leading.

It doesn’t.

So, do yourself a favor now and get rid of expectations, of any kind.

Expectations, when not handled properly can put in a lot of stress onto yourself. Don’t think of the future too much, especially when you find yourself going crazy with your thoughts.

It’s just going to aggravate whatever that is currently bothering you.

Enjoy what you have. Move on from past mistakes and don’t look back. If you’ve something present  that’s bothering you, work on it slowly and recognize your immediate progress, rather than worry about the problem.

Using the art of imagination for yourself

But you know something cool?

There’s a way of crazy with imagination that can help you and make you feel alive!

It’s simple positive thinking and this is my method:

Whenever a negative thought comes about, simply replace it with a really awesome thought.

This is where you get to go crazy with imagination.

Just think of all the GOOD and FUN possibilities of life. Don’t hold back on goodness. Use ONLY awesome words in your head. Create scenarios that make you laugh and smile.

Have fun with it!

You know when your friends say, “Man that guy’s full of it!” and start to laugh over some awesome joke or entertaining story?

That’s the aim.

It is and can be that easy to use your mind to create awesome thoughts.

It’s just a direction flip.

Think about it.

Get your imagination in check

Whatever method of positive thinking that suits you, go for it. It’s your mind, and it has the right to be happy.

I use this because other methods to me are very passive. You end up dealing with the negative thought head on, when easily, it can be replaced with something better.

Is this lying to myself? Well, I was at the start wasn’t I?


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28 Responses to The Art of Imagination

  1. Christopherh says:

    I loved this article!! Thank you for this. :)

  2. Carolyn says:

    Using your imagination can really help to get things out of your system.  
    As a child I would imagine the bully at school with her skirt tucked up into the back of her underwear and everyone laughing at her.  I shared this with the small gang who were bullied by her and we all laughed.  The outcome was unexpected because the bully got worried about why we were laughing at her and left us all alone.Picturing someone getting their comeuppance after they’ve done something to piss you off or cheated on you can make you feel much better.  Don’t get too carried away though, because if you imagine a terrible revenge, you can end up with feeling guilty for thinking such bad thoughts.

  3. Alden Tan says:

    Thanks Chris! Glad it helped! 

  4. Alden Tan says:

    Hey Carolyn,

    Nice! Bullies are just that. They cower down in the face of adversity and are deeply insecure.

    Glad it worked out for you.

    Yes indeed. We should not get carried away. Bad thoughts can definitely affect us too. 

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  6. Tania Belkin says:


    Great article and a very great point.  I am also very good at imagining  wrong things:)

    It takes work to turn it around. But it’s well worth it as you said.

  7. Raja says:

    Awesome Post. Thanks !!

  8. Alden Tan says:

    Go for it it Tania :) Just shift your thoughts and it’s all good. 

  9. farouk says:

    great article
    imagination can be the door to reaching our dreams, once we can imagine something that we believe in we will become motivated to pursue it

  10. Justin says:

    Great tips Alden. :)

  11. guest says:

    So much negativity in the beginning… Then if you want the positivity, you have to pay for it…? 

  12. Dan Erickson says:

    The human mind and imagination is an incredible thing.  We can do wonders when we tune into our imagination and tune out negativity.

  13. As the Dalai Lama has said, “If a problem is fixable, if a situation is such that you can do something about it, then there is no need to worry. If it’s not fixable, then there is no help in worrying. There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever.”

    But it can be hard to just ‘stop worrying,’ and your imagination technique is a creative alternative. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Khaled says:

    Great article.
    What I like most about it is that it describes exactly the mental path I used to go through inside my head.But I managed to make the journey shorter and less intense now by changing the way I perceive the situations I encounter everyday.There is a common say “Your perception is your reality”. So I changed my reality to a more cheerful and encouraging one that doesn’t hinder me in a negative paralyzed state of mind.

  15. It happens to me a lot. I can be really happy and excited
    about something and then suddenly take a downturn because I’m thinking over my
    past and how so many people have hurt me. The problem is that this doesn’t really
    help me, but actually prevents me from being able to tackle things in the
    present. I’ve been let down so many times that I have developed issues trusting
    other people. This in return has the result of me not really wanting to go out
    and socialise, cooperate or even ask for help because I’m just expecting people
    to be nasty or to let me down without even really giving them a chance. When I
    was young I use to be a lot more trusting. I loved helping people and showing
    more gratitude and I know that I was a much happier person at this time. I
    would like to feel this way again one day, but I need to stop feeding my
    imagination with the idea that we’re living in a cruel world where everybody is
    out just for themselves. The
    articles on here are great and I’ll definitely try to think more awesome
    thoughts from now on.

  16. Steph says:

    Oh my goodness! I can entirely relate. Thanks a ton for writing this article! Im so glad to hear from someone with a similar situation. I too am so often creating schemes, imagining conversations that turn into arguments, imagining getting revenge on others… I often fantasize about running away from home ,  school and life. I feel that I need to find myself. Figure out who I really am, what my values are and the reason for my utter insanity. (Im not technically insane, though I feel as though I am many a time). Thank you again! Great ideas. :)

  17. Alden Tan says:

    Of course! Farouk! May be a little difficult at first, but controlling our thoughts, when mastered can go a long way in life! 

  18. Alden Tan says:

    Pay for it? What do you mean?

  19. Alden Tan says:

    Yeah man! They’re just thoughts afterall. Yet, it has such a great impact on our daily lives. 

  20. Alden Tan says:

    No prob! Dalai Lama is totally right. 

  21. Alden Tan says:

    Thanks Khaled!

    It can be tough at first, but once we do it right, or just get the hang of it, it will all worth it. 

  22. Alden Tan says:

    Just shut out the negative thoughts Joanna. It may sound hard, but just remember, they’re just thoughts and all in your head.


    Meaning it’s not outside in your life yet, which you’re in total control of. So do it! 

  23. Alden Tan says:


    Well if they’re negative thoughts, just remember that they’re only thoughts. No point feeling bad about them.

    Be happy instead, with positive ones. 

  24. Maria2008 says:

    What an article, I have started to this and to listen to chilled music to blog out negative thoughts…:)

  25. Muhammad Moosa says:

    man o man, am so dangerously creative that i even think up of  never-happened events which gives me wet eyes sometimes. Maybe that is the reason am so skinny.
    Nice post ! i have tried many things mentioned here before, sometimes i am able to shift my thoughts other times i just love to get carried away in my sympeathatic imaginations. does that mean i am masochist by any means?

  26. Sparkle says:

    Sometimes I come back and re-read your post. My mind is very very busy thinking about people who did hurt me before and that time I did not re-act. I regret why I did not say a word to them to make them understand that they are very nasty and they should stop that ! I just never wanted to be impolite and low myself the same as them. So, I decide to ignore and now it is eating me from inside. I am somehow afraid of them now. I think there comes a day that they do those things to me again and I keep thinking how I am gonna punish them with my words !! And it drives me crazy and it is very very disturbing ! I keep trying to think positive and somehow not thinking about them. But they are family members and cannot be deleted from my life forever ! So, soon or late I am gonna face them again and have to listen to how say treat me bad with their nasty words and pretend they didn’t mean to harm !!!!! They are not everyone. It is just a person or two. But they are very very annoying. Hope someone could give me some suggestion of what to do with them or myself to stop this forever  !

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