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8 Steps to Transform Negativity into Positive Results

Instead you have to reframe your thoughts and focus on the positive in order to make it through so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And not in just this situation, but really any negative situation. r


9 Things That are Extremely Useless For Your Life

Life isn’t meant to be useless

It is simple. We pretty much know the answers to how we can improve our lives. r

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Seeking Help from your Future Self

So many of us wish to grow and do better in life. And yet, there are so many times where we can’t decide our next set of actions. We have a dream or a goal to achieve, but we don’t know how to achieve it. r


Are You Self-Esteemed?

Self-esteem is a psychological term that describes a person’s emotional value from his or her own perspective. r

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Positivity Vs Negativity: It’s A Question Of Focus

The vast majority of people are unable to see things 100% objectively. The way we perceive the world is not only biased by our general outlook on life, our previous experiences but also our mood. Our emotions. r

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Reframe Your Thoughts – Change Your Life

Studies show that people who can change their situation, gain less from changing their mindset, then those who have no control over their situation. r