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3 Ways To Shine As An Introvert

3 Ways to Shine as an Introvert

We admire people who grab attention and consider them to be more competent, while we judge the quiet ones as painfully shy, or label them with newfound disorders. r

Crush Negative Thoughts Start Living

7 Steps to Crush Negative Thoughts and Start Believing in Yourself

You have a life within your grasp where negative thoughts and worries no longer stop you. Here are 7 practical steps to get you that life. r

Thou Shalt Honor Thy Self - Contracts

Thou Shalt Honor Thy Self-Commitments

Things such as verbal agreements, mental contracts, and self-commitments. Basically, whatever you’ve agreed to do, that’s a contract. And more specifically, let’s talk about those self-commitments, which I find especially vital. r

3 Reasons You're Capable of Happiness Right Now

3 Reasons You’re Capable of Happiness Right Now

I’m here to tell you today, that you’re capable of happiness.

This applies to everybody and yes, you are part of everybody and anybody.

It doesn’t matter if you’re old, feeling guilty, lacking confidence, young, unmotivated, anxious, angry, ugly, tired or whatever you think it is that you are. r

3 Ways To Find Opportunity In The Ruins of a Shattered Dream

3 Ways to Find Opportunity in the Ruins of a Shattered Dream

Standing in front of the ruins of a broken dream can be quite a painful experience. You begin to realize that all the hard work, pain and tears you’ve invested into your dream just collapsed like an unstable house of cards. r

Bouncing Back from Self-Betrayal

5 Ways to Bounce Back from Self-Betrayal

Self-betrayal can start out as small acts of disingenuousness. Like those little white lies you tell to cover up what you truly believe. r