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Break These 4 Rules To Create Happiness

Break These 4 Rules To Create Happiness

Indeed rules ARE made to be broken, especially if you expect to create happiness for yourself. r

4 Ways To Not Let The Haters Get You Down

4 Ways To Not Let the Haters Get You Down

This type of negative feedback can be confronting and distressing. The trick is to not the haters get to you. r

The ONE Simple Step To Developing Life Long Confidence

The ONE Simple Step to Developing Life Long Confidence

Trawling through YouTube the other day, I was amazed by the quantity of confidence videos. There are thousands of them, with everyone from fitness coaches to life coaches and even lay people giving their 2 cents on what it takes to build confidence. r

The ONE Basic Thing Steve Jobs Did Differently Than You (and how you can change that)

If you are like most people, you will marvel at the elementary, yet deeply empowering words. You will be empowered by a feeling that you can do anything! r

Are You A Victim of Circumstance? Or A Victim of Self? 13 Ways To Gain Control

Are You a Victim of Circumstances or a Victim of Self? 13 Ways To Gain Control

We are all adults now and can make the changes necessary to live the life we deserve. There is no need to blame anyone anymore. We must now take responsibility for our lives. r

3 Tips To Make Epic Change When It Seems Impossible

3 Tips to Make Epic Change when it Seems Impossible

“This is just the way I am.”

Those seven words are the most dangerous words you can use to describe yourself. r