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self improvement

6 Daily Questions You Don’t Want To Ask But Should . . . Especially # 6.

We make our way through life by asking questions. How, when, where, what’s next? We ask strangers, co-workers, and loved ones. r

self improvement

The Importance of ‘Sexuality Awareness’ For Self Improvement: Part 2

Infantile sexuality was traumatic at birth. You were thrown into an aggressive clash between your primitive drives and external forces that constrained you in your relationship with your mother. r

self improvement

6 Little Effective Secrets That Will Attract The Love Of Your Life

Well, here are 6 little effective secrets that not only will help you finding love, but to keep in burning for years to come. r

how to be less passive

How to be Passive in a Relationship and be Miserable

Here are 5 secrets on how to be passive in a relationship and be miserable!

#1 Do not speak up when your partner tells you that you are stupid or any other demeaning description. r


8 Vicious Lies Negative People Tell You

This post focuses on the lies itself. It’s not about what makes a negative person. r

social skills

How To Systematically Improve Your Social Skills in 2 Months

Being comfortable with who you are, and using that comfort to connect with people like they’re already friends is one of the most valuable skills you can pick up. r