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6 Reasons to Help Others Develop Self-Pride

At some point, we need to make the transition from looking for external praise to the ability to praise ourselves and to develop self-pride. If we have never made the transition, we are stuck. r

5 Reasons Learning To Say “F*ck It” Is Really, Really Important

When is the last time you found yourself outraged by a situation, where you reacted quickly and aggressively without thinking about the outcome? We’re all human, and we all do it. Yogi or not. r

6 Challenges of Staying True to Your Heart

I hold onto the belief that each person lives out their life purpose if they stay true to the callings and demands of their heart, because it is what allows me to keep my spirits up when it seems like … r

3 Factors To Help Clarify Your Vision

In life, it’s important for us to have a clear vision; of who we want to be and the kind of life we want to lead. r

5 Ways To Cope With Envy

You know that feeling when someone you know just got a promotion and suddenly you feel a pain in your chest. Or a fellow blogger just got his novel published and out of nowhere you have a headache. r

3 Ways To Rid Your Life of Toxic Relationships

We spend our lives moving from one experience to another. And along the way, we build relationships. And most of these relationships are positive. r