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3 Ways To Rid Yourself Of Toxic Relationships

3 Ways To Rid Your Life of Toxic Relationships

We spend our lives moving from one experience to another. And along the way, we build relationships. And most of these relationships are positive. r


7 Warning Signs You’ll Never Get Over Your Breakup

After a painful breakup, most people try to do things they think will ease their pain, when in fact they’re sabotaging their own chances of recovery. r

How To Break Up With Someone You Still Love

How to Break Up with Someone You Still Love

Have you been wondering how to break up with someone you still love? The tips in this article will help you to do just that. r

10 Ways To Be Instantly More Likable

10 Easy Ways to Increase Your Likability

Here’s the good news: you can increase your likability. Here are 10 things you can start doing today that will begin to make a difference in your life: r

5 Ways to Handle Fools Who Don't Understand Your Depression

5 Ways to Handle Fools who Don’t Understand Your Depression

Everybody wants to fix you, but you don’t need fixing.

All you need is someone who understands you. Someone who has faith in you. Someone who strokes you gently until you could breathe. r

6 Hard Lessons I Learned From My Failed Relationships

6 Hard Lessons I Learned From My Failed Relationships

You can learn a lot about people, romance and yourself in relationships, especially when they fail. r