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Why Keeping Your Goals Secret Is the Best Way To Be Successful

The best way to achieve your goals and be successful is to keep them secret. Telling others about a goal makes you less likely to accomplish it. r


Who are the Most Productive People in the World (and what we can learn)

They don’t know such first world problems like procrastination and too-much-to-do, and they don’t need any productivity tips and tricks to get stuff done – when they have something to do, they just get it out of their way. r


Focus on the Big Wins: How to Improve Your Life Without Starving Yourself

By letting food quality be your focus and slowly eliminating unhealthy crap you can stop focusing on the gimmicks and nutrition hacks that won´t matter much in the long run. r

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5 Great Online Resources For First Time Entrepreneurs

Though I’m no veteran in the world of entrepreneurship yet, there are resources you absolutely must check out if you’re dying to make the jump. r

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How To Succeed In Today’s Economy (New World of Work)

How To Succeed In Today’s Economy (New World of Work) r

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15 Easy Ways to Boost Your Writing Productivity

Sometimes time and energy seems inversely proportional to the work done. We all have experienced it – unfinished projects pile up while your creativity and desire to tackle them are carelessly hiding in a top secret place, sipping on cocktails and refusing to come back. r