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How to Keep Your Goals From Taking Over Your Life

People make goals for all kinds of reasons. Some simply want to feel a sense of personal achievement, while others are trying to discover the meaning of life or make the world a better place. r

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The Ultimate Secret to Fast Learning

You brain simply wants to have fun. When it does, you will learn. Fast. And I want to help you understand how to make it happen. r


Eliminating Energetic Mind Cancers for Productivity & Happiness

An ENERGETIC SPACE OCCUPYING LESION (ESOL) is a term I coined a few years back to illustrate the energetic “cancers” that occupy our mind, take up space on our virtual hard drives and rob us of our ability to be as whole r

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6 Signs That You Have Developed A Good Habit

How do you know when a good behavior has become a good habit? These six signs can help you distinguish between a promising behavior and a bona fide habit. r


How To Never Get Anything Important Done

If you’re like me, you’ve lived a large number of meaningless days. If not, you’re in luck, because I am going to share with you the secret of how I’ve done it. r


8 Practical Ways to Get Motivated

Would you be able to properly train a dog without rewarding him? In the same way, how can you motivate yourself if you’re not going to reward yourself and celebrate your successes? Think about it. r