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5 Strategies to Effectively Manage ‘Life Admin’

Most people have a list of personal tasks that need completing outside of work, commonly referred to as ‘life admin’. r

The 19 Best Productivity Resources Online

19 Best Productivity Resources To Get Things Done

So without further ado, I present to you the 19 best web resources to enhance productivity. Save the martinis for after you’re done reading this article. r

Goal review

Top 5 Reasons Reviewing Your Goals is a Must For Your Success

Are you performing at a high level in your area of focus such as sports, health, business, blogging, or at work? Whatever your area of focus, reading your goals often can produce faster and more consistent results. r

crowdsourcing for productivity

10 Tips For Using Crowdsourcing Effectively to Lead a Productive Life

We all want to be more efficient in order to make the most of our time. But how can we really accomplish more and stop wasting our efforts on insignificant tasks? r

5 Principles Of Pummeling Procrastination

5 Principles for Pummeling Procrastination

Today’s fight is between the challenger – YOU, and the reigning champ -“Procrastination”! r

how to make business decisions

How to Stop Sweating and Shaking Over Those Big Business Decisions

Decisions are not a democratic thing. Trash the complicated charts with spider web diagrams. You’ll just fry your brain. r