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Ready, Set, Grow: 3 Tweaks to Get You Out of the Rut

You’re in a rut. Maybe you don’t know it. But you are.

Maybe your life seems comfortable. You have your needs met. Perhaps you even have a decent job, insurance, and a retirement plan. r


9 Things That are Extremely Useless For Your Life

Life isn’t meant to be useless

It is simple. We pretty much know the answers to how we can improve our lives. r

self improvement

10 Important Habits To Develop In The New Year

Is it possible to train yourself into a more focused person? It is if you start developing the right habits, which we will discuss below. r


Decisions You Shouldn’t Make on Your Own

We will tackle some pretty big decisions each of us has to make at one point. Go through the text and make sure that you don’t get it wrong. r

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Flip Your Script- How to Write a Better Life Story

Whether we recognize it or not, our lives are driven by a story; it follows a script that we have either written for ourselves or we have had written for us by others. What does that script look like for yourself? r

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When to Stay Silent and When to Speak

It can be tough to know when to speak. Self-awareness, perceptiveness and empathy are the keys to making the right decision. r