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Will Brain Training Make You Any Smarter?

Brain training is the latest self-improvement craze. Last year over one billion dollars was spent on brain training programs. r

self improvement

The Top 10 Ways Exercise Can Radically Improve Your Life

It’s proven that exercise not only trains your body but also trains your brain; there are multiple studies that show how endurance actually boosts brainpower. r


How To Take Care of Yourself When You’re Depressed

So much of depression can be linked back to forgetting to take proper care of ourselves. And the more depressed we feel, the less energy we have for anything beyond basic survival. r

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5 Thoughts For Those Struggling With Depression (Or Life)

Depression sucks. While that is not the most clinical statement, it is true. It sucks joy and color out of our days, our work, our relationships, our life, leaving in its place something painful and confusing, even shameful and isolating. r


4 Ways Your Darkest Moment Can Positively Change Your Life

During my darkest moment in my life, the only person who truly knew what I was going through was Google, it may be the same for you. Right now, in this very moment, it’s just me and you. r

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Reducing Anxiety and Worry the Lady Killer Way

By choosing more appropriate mental images, you will be wooing more relaxing, happier, healthier and fulfilling feelings to enthusiastically enter your mind. This will increase mental well-being, emotional balance, and even things like productivity and decision making. r