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How to Shake Up Your Life

Sometimes, the key to having an adventurous life is simply to tweak your daily lifestyle. r


3 Ways To Accept Your Life

In all these not-so-happy words there is only one important thing missing and that is acceptance. We are always on the get go, we want to change everything we want to fix things, we wish to bring transformation. r

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You Want To Change – So Why Can’t You?

We have all been there. We WANT to exercise more. We WANT to stop smoking. We WANT to eat healthier. We WANT a new job this year. And we REALLY WANT these things. We explore goal-setting websites, we set goals, we have the best intentions and we try and change our behavior. r

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How To Change Your Life Via Surprise

Expecting change to enter through the front door, we are just narrowing our focus, and forgetting to look on the periphery. And should we seek for change that improves us, we are better off realizing that it is pertaining surprise- something new, unfamiliar, unexpected by far. r


Why Trying To Change Yourself Never Works

Just turn on the radio and television for ten minutes to find out what the human heart is searching for. Our movies are centered around it, our reality shows showcase people fighting for it, and just about every pop star can’t stop singing about it. The human heart wants to be loved. In Brain Rules for Baby, Dr. John Medina describes how the ultimate environment for babies to thrive and grow is in a place of love and affection. That’s right, even science proves that our brains work best when we know that we’re loved. r

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How to Turn Your Good Intentions into Lasting Change – in 4 Simple Steps

We all have plenty of good intentions for our lives, but it can be really tough to follow through on these. As soon as the initial motivation wears off, and the hectic nature of day-to-day life gets in the way, we begin to let things slide. Pretty soon, we give up on our goals altogether. r