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What The Most Successful People Know About Networking

Bobby’s commitment to networking can be seen in the online world. He currently has over 227,000 Twitter followers. r

find your passion

How to Find What You Love to Do

Though it seems like a simple enough question to answer, most people are surprised to realize that they don’t know what their dream job actually is. r

Time Management for Bloggers

7 Super Productive Time Management Strategies for Bloggers

Time management is a huge problem for many bloggers.

But it doesn’t have to be. r

Dandellion joy

5 Things To Do When You Hate Your Job

I used to wonder when it would ever end. Does it ever get better when you hate your job? Would I ever find a new job that I liked? r


7 Unprofessional Text Messages to Avoid at All Costs

Like any communication tool, there are more and less suitable uses for text messages, especially in the workplace. r

get noticed

How to Get Noticed and Advance in Your Career

After finishing a degree and gaining some highly technical skill, it is of no wonder that any person can succeed in his chosen path of profession. This is true but provided that he has the so called ‘X Factor’ that many companies look for in leaders or would-be heirs to the corporate leadership.

Whether you like it or not, knowledge and skills is not enough to go up in the career ladder. You also need the guts to get noticed. r