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self empowerment

4 Keys To Self-empowerment by Living the Examined Life

Our world is rapidly changing and often presents obstacles and events that other generations have not experienced nor learned to cope with. r

next level

The Myth of Adversity and How to Reach the Next Level

Life to me has often been very unusual. On one hand I would compare myself to others who were better off in areas I wanted to strive for. And on the other hand, I would witness these same people lead unfulfilled lives. r

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3 Ways To Prepare For Adversity

When the going gets tough, we tend to seek out those people—and things—that give us the strength to be our best self. We yearn for the feeling that we’ve turned our lives around and are headed for better days.

Looking for the upside takes our mind off the down times. A positive attitude allows us forget, even for a while, the hardships that face us in many areas of our life. r

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The Purpose of Adversity

The world is coming to an end. (Play eerie music here)

Just this year alone we have had a prediction about the end of the world or rapture. The U.S. Government has been downgraded by S&P. Greece and Spain are in utter disarray. r

Locked-in Syndrome

Rising Above Adversity: The Amazing Story of Jean-Dominique Bauby

His mind was sharp, but his vision was blurred.  He could think, but could not talk.  He wanted to write, but could not use his hands.  With one eye sewn shut, his only means of communication was by blinking his … r


Overcoming Adversity

Adversity is a part of life. Everybody goes through difficult times. When you see happy, smiling faces, know that all those faces have tears and sighs lurking somewhere. The difference between happy and sad people is the way they perceive and handle adversity. r