New Year’s Resolutions From Some Of My Favorite Bloggers

3 weeks into 2013 and how is everyone feeling?


Most people start off with a great jolt of energy around December 31st, excited to begin the new year and fulfill all of those promises we’ve made to ourselves. But come January 2nd, many of those resolutions feel hard to achieve and quickly get thrown in a mental box to be brought out next year.


To help you get a jump start on those resolutions before they get put away in that box, I thought I’d poll some of my favorite PTB bloggers to see what they had in store for this year. Maybe we can all help encourage each other to keep pressing on.
Check out their thoughts below and I’d love to hear all of your resolutions in the comments!
Hope all is well and keep taking action,
Erin - New Year's Resolutions from PickTheBrain