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Why And How You Should Practice Mental Fitness

The importance of physical fitness is all over the media, and there is a good reason for that fuss. When you keep your body healthy, you will prevent many serious health conditions and preserve your well-being for longer. However, the aspect of health that’s not getting enough attention is mental fitness. Who needs a healthy, flexible and lean body without a healthy and flexible mind?

Before going on with the importance of mental fitness, let’s explain what it is – it’s the work you invest into your psychological well-being and your ability to find joy in each moment of life. There are three ways to go – keeping up with stress and anxiety, becoming dull and unable to find interest in anything, or maintaining your mind sharp and active for as long as possible. It’s your choice and you are making it every day.

Why should you practice mental fitness?

You start and end each day with hygiene activities, don’t you? You wash your hands, brush your teeth and take a shower every day. Are you doing something for your mental hygiene? You should! Your mind is also full of impurities that require cleansing: stressful thoughts, worries, envy, lack of will, dullness, doubt, restlessness… the list goes on and on. Maintaining a culture of mind means that you need to cultivate positive values, such as consciousness, good will, agility, self-confidence, joy, and happiness.

Stress is an inseparable part of modern life, but you can make a real difference in the way you deal with it. Instead of cultivating a restless mind, why don’t you work on maintaining a peaceful state of an undisturbed mind? Today it’s “cool” to be unsatisfied, disgruntled and resentful. Is that really the way you want to spend your life? Mental fitness does not mean being inactive. It simply means to cultivate positive values and keep your mind active towards something that will make you happy.

Everyone is interested about healthy aging, but most people limit their efforts to maintaining their physical strength. Physical fitness is certainly important, but mental fitness is the only way to prevent the signs of mental aging.

How to practice mental fitness

Now that you know about the importance of mental purity, it’s time to learn how to achieve it. What exactly can you do to keep yourself mentally fit?

  1. The best way to keep your mind focused, steady, and undisturbed is meditation. It takes a lot of time and practice to achieve real meditation, but that shouldn’t prevent you from being persistent with it. Start with simple concentration on your breathing for 10 minutes a day, and extend the amount of time gradually – you will notice how your mind is becoming steadier by the day. Meditation doesn’t come easily, and you should definitely seek for proper guidance from a certified instructor.
  2. Read a lot! Don’t limit your daily reading to random internet articles that don’t teach you anything new. Everything you read should contribute towards your mental fitness, so forget about the Kardashians and start looking for valuable readings to spend your time with. It’s important to read widely and exercise your brain in different areas. The best way to keep your mind healthy is to learn something new every day, but don’t limit yourself to superficial knowledge.
  3. Challenge yourself intellectually. Learn a new language, read War and Peace, solve some math problems from time to time… do anything that would challenge your intellect and test your memory.
  4. Engage in meaningful conversations. If your friendships and family relationships have fallen into a routine, you have to do something about it because those relations are important for your mental health. Talk to the people you love about a wide range of topics that aren’t limited to “how was your day?” Your social life can literally save your mental health in bad times.
  5. Have a hobby. Find something you love and devote time to it. You cannot keep your mind healthy if you don’t engage in something that interests you.
  6. Turn off the TV and spend few days away from the computer. TV shows and Internet distractions are making you dull and inactive. Spend some time away from them and you will immediately notice how your brain is becoming sharper.
  7. Pay attention! This is associated to meditation – you should extend your consciousness throughout the entire day. Are you forgetting whether you turned off the iron or not, or where you put the keys? The only way to boost your memory is to pay attention to everything you do. Your thoughts should always be here and now.


Why do you need mental fitness? – Because I cannot imagine a happy man or woman who doesn’t have a balanced mental activity. You cannot be peaceful if you can’t take control over the restlessness of your mind. Everything you do and feel comes from the way you handle your thoughts. If you think well, you will speak and act well, and you will feel well about the life that surrounds you.




Alex Petryck is a business administration student and freelance journalist. He likes traveling, cryptography and also writes for best essays writing company.

16 Responses to Why And How You Should Practice Mental Fitness

  1. Bittu says:


  2. shashi says:

    very well written article…110% correct… thanks a lot..

  3. Ankit yadav says:

    Nice thoughts my friend.. :)

  4. mcatlett says:

    I overemphasize mental fitness compared to physical fitness, clearly. This reads like a comprehensive grocery list of my individual happinesses. :)

    I hope that your insight penetrates those who go the other way and forget all mental training in favor of physicality.

  5. thomas says:

    You re so right :)

  6. Dallala says:

    The western culture have given to much significant to the thought process. What is real : because i exist i think or because i think i exist ? nr 1 right ? .. so therefore give more significant to the existans .

  7. Zen Benefiel says:

    This is a great article and speaks to the simplicity of creating a healthy thoughtmosphere. In the years I’ve been engaged in my own quest for aligning my inner and outer realities in some harmonic convergence of life, I’ve noticed that consciousness actually imbues us with direction and focus when we seek it.

    Simply put, it’s like cosmic consciousness condensing into these forms we call bodies and learning how to function through the process of individual awareness of the connections we all share with what we call Creation.. the ONE in all things, so to speak. This is much more than just an intellectual exercise, it is a way of living and provides a new living awareness to those who practice the mental exercises presented in Alex’s article over time. I cannot encourage that enough!

    We don’t often consider these things because our attention is so distracted by the things vying for it during our daily travails. However, when one can begin to practice the skills that develop from garnering awareness, exploring those things that challenge us to think deeper and observe our own behaviors more intimately, then our perspectives change automatically and we become more connected to our senses and that ability to make sense common.

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Alex!

  8. Deane Alban says:

    These are all great tips. Mental fitness is extremely important and is largely ignored by most people. But I would not say we “practice” mental fitness anymore than we “practice” physical fitness. We implement strategies to achieve fitness. Does that make sense? (I write about this topic extensively so I may be a bit more anal about it!)

  9. Alison Heyer says:

    As far as leaving the computer in #6, doesn’t it depend a little on what you are doing with you computer? As a programmer, I feel as though I am developing my intellect in side projects where I am learning something new.

  10. The Q says:

    Man, if mental fitness is a thing, then I’m very out of shape. Embarrassed to admit it but I think #6 will be the hardest for me…can’t picture spending that much time away from technology.

  11. Alex Petryck says:

    Of course, I believe that you and a lot of other people benefit from what they do with computers. I work mostly online too, but if I spend a weekend without my PC I then work more productively and feel refreshed. I’d recommend to try that sometime.

  12. Dr. Jenny Ellis says:

    All great points! Thank you for sharing this. I just want to add something about meditating. While concentrating on your breathing, thoughts will still inevitably invade. It’s human nature. The other thing you have to do is acknowledge your thoughts, send them away, and go back to your breathing. The more you do this you’ll find over time that your mind starts to quiet during meditation. Meditation also teaches you to be in the present moment which helps you to see the beauty in life when you’re going about your day.

  13. Jon M says:

    These are helpful ideas. I have also heard that learning skills like juggling physically strengthen your brain.

  14. Marko Radovich says:

    I totally agree with you!

  15. Short Hair says:

    Good post about Why And How You Should Practice Mental Fitness

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