5 Reminders There is No Such Thing As Failure

5 Reminders There Is No Such Thing As Failure r

After a divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure and a deep state of depression I was feeling like a complete failure. I couldn’t figure out how my American Dream had turned into the American Nightmare in the span of only six years. r

stop being lazy

STOP being Lazy: 5 Ways To Make Each Day Count r

Without the right strategy, you’ll be missing out on tons of extra productivity and growth. Find out how to stop being lazy and make each day count. r

8 Amazing Books To Help You Write Your Best Life

Eight Amazing Books to Help Write Your Best Life

Here are eight of the best books that have saved my mental and emotional life again and again. They’re like guides who carry torches in the scary darkness of your head! r

8 Steps To Conquering Your Fear

8 Steps to Conquering Your Fear

It wasn’t until I turned 50 that I met my fears head on. I had done a few fearless things before that, but they were usually what others wanted me to do. The real movement with facing my fears was when my fear of forever being lost overcame my fear of moving forward. r

The 5 Best Podcasts On Optimism

The 5 Best Podcasts On Optimism

Truth is, optimism is not about things always working out the way you’d like them to. It is about discovering that you can find happiness again, just by focusing on understanding it. r

How Mindfulness Can Save The Day In These 6 Common Situations

How Mindfulness Can Save the Day in These 6 Common Situations

The concept of mindfulness can be considered a specific state of mind or a practice to apply to daily life. A critical aspect of Buddhism and meditation, mindfulness is regularly used to defeat daily stressors, relieve personal tensions and achieve greater success. r