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10 Money Myths That Keep You From Making Big Money: Myth 3

“I Can’t Do My (business, art, purpose, mission) Without Funding First!”

This is probably the number one money myth that drives us away from living our dreams, passions, and true talent and consequently realizing abundant wealth from those gifts and inspiration. And it is not only a major money myth, but it is a big fat convenient excuse keeping you from investing in yourself.

I know that many of you are going to be totally offended at this one. But if you really want to live your purpose, your gift, your talent— nothing, and I mean nothing, should stop you or distract you. The biggest myth that Power Brokers Perched atop the Mountain of Money (most all of it paid to them by us); is that you must have funding to accomplish your dreams. There is only room for one real dream and that’s theirs.

Now, if you play along, you can participate in “the Pre- defined American Dream,” which is the so-called freedom of a job, a home (owned by the bank) and social-security retirement, with Medicare health insurance (mostly consisting of prescription drug ad- diction in old age). At the risk of sounding angry, let me clarify that I am not. We are responsible for our participation, and I am simply speaking truth.

What about your own unique dream? What about your purpose? What about your deeply held talents and passions? You start asking these questions and “Power & Money Brokers” have an answer for you…”Get funding.” We’ll loan you the money and you can pay us (argh), interest! (again). If you jump through the right hoops, (mostly hoops that require traditional employment) we will give you a small business loan, an art stipend, or an educational grant (with interest).

The reality here is you spend 75–90% of your time jumping through the red-tape hoops, paying interest, or not even being able to qualify for these—because the goal is to keep you (and everyone) in the work force. If somehow you manage to break away and get the funding, however, you are still going to pay “them” interest for the loan, or jump through red-tape hoops for the grant, and therefore will be ineffective in your real purpose. You are still working for them, and their dreams—not yours.

SOLUTION: Make a commitment to your dreams. Not theirs, whoever “they are.” Start going deep inside to find out what your true dreams and talents are. Start investing now in your own dreams. Make a plan and a strategy to see those dreams come true. Do not be de- railed from your dreams by the myth that you need funding or money first in order to see your dreams come true.

Your dream is not dependent on the system of money, which is maintained and perpetuated by those who are in a not-so-generous crowd. Your dreams are dependent on your passion and your personal power and your commitment to fulfill them. The money, financing, and resources will come once you step out and get started. Do not wait on their money or on them who have the money!
Use the Power of the Pen. Write them down in a journal or create a dream board, or vision board. Better yet, publish your own dream plan book (Dreams to Reality Curriculum, by Deborah S. Nelson,

Deborah S Nelson is a guest blogger for PickTheBrain and the founder ofAuthor Your Dreams Publishing

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17 Responses to 10 Money Myths That Keep You From Making Big Money: Myth 3

  1. Hi Deborah.

    I like what you describe here and your solution as well. It is not about “them” or “their interests”, whoever they are, but about what our setup is. If someone wants to create a city group where hundreds of the members of the local city meet up once a week to talk about issues that matter to them, no one else’s opinion on this goal should matter much. Internal goals create the external world and events we see.

  2. I absolutely agree and this kind of approach must be propagated to rid ourselves of the modern corporate slavery.

  3. thomas almeida says:

    after reading felt could think to work on my dream.i was also bound by this myth,nothing without money.but now i will start to work on my dream project .thanks.keep me inspired like this..ever and are helping to build positive community.

  4. Deborah says:

    Thank you for reaching out with your comments. What you punctuate about what I wrote brings to mind a period in History that was called the “Boston Tea Party.” I feel that we are going through a transformation time such as that, however the twist is the transformation isn’t just about taxes, its about the WHOLE THING! It’s a transformation that’s not about “us” and “them.” Its about “us” and “us!” Hopefully you will find a way to create that “city group.” Let us know at and we will post it. We are all about supporting your goals and your big dreams.

  5. Deborah says:

    Thanks. It will not be immediate or instant. Too bad the Americans (and perhaps humans in general) have become spoiled with instant grattification. This is what keeps us in the “corporate slavery” mode! Stay in touch. We have another website that is just getting started, you may want to help us blog. The slavery is inside of our mentality because we are being bought off with creature comforts. We must all think of contributing in terms of our gifts and passion rather than making creature comforts more important than our true purpose. Kind an old spiritual truth, that seems to have gotten lost along the corporate way.

  6. Deborah says:


    I am so glad the article inspirted you to give up the distraction of thinking you need money to work on your dream! I don’t know if you are a lot like me or if I might be a lot like otheres, but this seems to be a continuous battle.

    Thinking that I need money first.

    It seems like it is necessary to overcome that lie over and over again.

    Does anyone else have this struggle?

    Anyway, to support you in your dream please write me at and I will send you out my 27-page ebook and the 10 Dreams to Reality Steps. It is a very powerful exerpt from one of my Dreams to Reality books. I hope this is very helpful to you in applying the strategies to pursue your dreams…on purpose, and now!

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  9. Kerry D. says:

    LOVE your message, and I have lived this way for some time, earning my M.A. in the arts, writing a thesis, working in the field of my dreams, and now setting out to run a nonprofit for differently abled dancers to perform. With no money. I know it will work out.

    But, I disagree that anyone’s GOAL is to keep you in the work force… they don’t give a hoot. Their goal is to make money, and they want to screen you to make sure that they can reasonably expect to make money on you, and not lose money. That’s all. Choosing to participate in that process is definitely up to each individual, and the more we consciously make our own choices the better.

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  14. St0n3d says:

    Well made point. Money does not control your dreams. There are always smaller steps to achieving your bigger dream. These smaller steps do not cost money. So whilst accomplishing these smaller steps you can make money for the bigger steps.

  15. Yes I do. but the lack of cash has only led me to find alternative means and fix and repair everything I own. Yes I know that i really do not own anything except my mind and body. It sucks to be attached. Check out “attachment and suffering” if you don’t know what I meant by my last sentence, have a great day

  16. Graham says:

    I’m sorry but this article is a bit misleading. O.k I understand your point about doing it on your own. But you skim over the financial aspect without any practical solution. The fact is you really do need money to start the majority of all business’s and if I’m not going to get it from the bank, where should I get it from? Don’t hold back on your great ideas

    I’d like to start a business but I need a a van in reasonable condition as well as tools, insurance…ect, which will come to around £8000. To save that would take me maybe 3-4 years, or I could get a loan. The fact is, getting a loan is the only practical option for a huge percentage of potential entrepreneurs.

    The only other option I can think of is borrow from friends and family but thats only an option if your surrounded with wealthy people, which again the average joe bloggs isn’t.

  17. Mlopinto says:


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