Day 10: Make Her Laugh, Make Her Breakfast – Why Laughter Is The Best Aphrodisiac

Forget the roses and moonlight serenades, the secret to winning a place in a woman’s (or man’s) heart is a great big belly laugh.

Laughter not only makes us feel good, it also imbues confidence and can be the cement that seals the relationship.

Laughter builds trust

Laughing out loud releases endorphins and oxytocin, naturally occurring chemicals that help to relieve stress and increase feelings of well being and belonging. Oxytocin facilitates a greater sense of trust, which is important when establishing new relationships.

When you are able to make the object of your interest laugh heartily, it floods his or her body with these feel good chemicals, making it easier for them to open up to you and start building a foundation of trust and intimacy. Better yet, laughter is contagious which explains why many of us feel more relaxed and happy among more extroverted people with good senses of humor.

Laughter Builds Bonds

Have you ever spent time with someone who didn’t seem to find humor in anything you said no matter how hard you tried? After a while they probably started to find you annoying and you started to find them a lot less attractive than you did previously.

The good news is, there’s someone out there who will find you absolutely magical. When the two of you meet, the chemistry will be outstanding. We don’t often think about it, but a large part of who we are is what we find funny. It’s easier for us to be friends with those who have a similar sense of humor, just as it’s harder to find common ground with those who don’t.

When it comes to romantic partners, being able to share huge, earth shaking belly laughs is one of the surest signs that the relationship has legs and the potential to truly go somewhere. We’ve all met that nice girl or guy who seems perfect on paper, yet something just seems to be missing.

Chances are good that that something is a shared sense of humor.

Laughter Should Be Natural


There’s a fine line between showing up with your A Game to impress a crush and trying too damn hard. Show your funny side, but in a sensible way. Remember the phrases “right time and right place” and “laugh with people, not at them.”

Share your wry observations and deadpan wit. Don’t be afraid to admit you like the Three Stooges or even Gallagher (may the heavens have mercy on you). Tell a joke, make a pun and crack wise. You won’t appeal to everyone, some people like Steven Wright and some people like Carrot Top. What’s important is not being afraid to take a chance and let your sense of humor shine. This will increase your chance of meeting and clicking with the people you are most compatible with and having a lot more fun on the journey.

Increase Your Confidence


Many of us have a difficult time relaxing and sharing our sense of humor. After all, when you make some effort there is always the possibility of failing. The trick is remembering you have more to gain when you let others see your personality, including your sense of humor, but nothing to gain when you repress it (unless you want others to like your mask and not you).

The truth is, nothing feels better than seeing the one you admire most break out into a huge grin and start laughing and laughing until they’ve lost her breath. Those good feelings will carry over and form a strong foundation for your future happiness together.


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