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Lessons from Death and 7 Questions To Help You Find Your Passion

As humans we are probably the most peculiar species that walked the face of the earth. We are weirdly disassociated with reality and with events that makes us mortal.

I often remember the thoughts that were floating around in my head while I watched my farther on his death-bed. Mostly, I was thinking about the metamorphosis this once strong and proud man has gone through. Change is usually a good thing. Looking at his small uncooperative body it was evident that this change was not positive at all.

Friends and family visited often. As the outside gate closed on their arrival I would find myself fighting against the idea that these people are just here to get their sensational hit. The hype of death was amplified by the whispers of these guests. Whispering just outside the bedroom was such a condescending and belittling act; so as not to let the dying man know that he is on his last legs.

It was rather obvious that he was fully aware of his fate. The fact that he was dying was treated as the elephant in the room. This confirmed the fact that even when we as humans are kissing death on the lips we still ignore the grim tribulation and only deal with our superficial reality.

His touch was cold and his eyes spelled the truth. The truth was that he very well knew what was going to happen. The only thing he wanted was that it should be quick and painless. Fear of the unknown was caught on his lips as he quivered while he spoke his last words.

The odors of death are heavy and penetrative. No wonder then that no matter how many detergents you use the stench hardly disappear from your nose.

Death, to me, was always and remains a definitive end. Humans tend to become aware of their passing nature and some want to make amends for their wrongdoings. The lessons I learned from this experience will be with me forever, so to the smell.

When the grim reality comes galloping along we should be content with the fact that we lived a life of no regret. It would be highly depressing to lay on your deathbed and then realize that you lived your life without following your passion.

Ever found what your passions are?

Passion is what drove them, a passionate belief in what they are doing, a passion that sustained them through the tough times, that seemed to justify their life. Passion is a much stronger word than mission or purpose, and I realize that as I speak that I am also talking to myself.

-The Elephant and the Flea, Charles Handy

To find your passion is the most valuable thing that you can do for yourself. Your passion will not only keep you motivated, but it will also change the way you view the world.

Asking the following might help you find your passion:

  1. Robin Sharma suggests having a living funeral. And there the weirdo alarm goes off *giggling*. Hold on don’t judge yet. The point of having this imaginative funeral is to hear and see what other people have to say about you.  You might be surprised how much information you can get from this. Ask the question – what is the legacy you want to leave behind? What do you want people to talk about when you gone?
  2. If this was your last day, week, month or year what would your list of things to do look like?
  3. What are the three top things in your list?
  4. Why these three? ( here be as brutally honest as you can )
  5. What are some of the quickest ways you can fulfill your passion?
  6. Can you look at your current to-do list and scratch out the last 5 things? You cannot fill an already full glass.
  7. In which other creative ways can I live out my passions?

Death should serve as a constant reminder that we are transient and that we should use our time following our happiness through deepest passions.


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