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Making a Living Out of What You Love: Blogging

Just like bike riders love the long roads and the wind in their hair, financiers love tons of messy papers with confusing numbers, I love blogging: I love the sound my keyboard makes when I type faster than the thunder, … r

Day 78:How To Get What You Really Want

Here’s the good news – you can get what you really want out of life. The bad news is that it usually takes work and dedication. The key is to learn how to maintain focus on your goals and not let yourself become distracted with things which aren’t serving them. r

Are All Your Goals Materialistic Ones?

If you’re reading Pick the Brain, it’s a fair bet that you have goals. You might even have written them down. Perhaps you read them every day, or have them pinned to a notice-board.

How many of those goals are materialistic ones? How many are focus on a dollar amount or a particular purchase? r

Why Unmaterialistic People Should Want to Get Rich

An article about why everyone should want money, even people who aren’t greedy, because money equals freedom. r

Ben Franklin’s Real Way to Wealth – Part II Frugality

The second section of the Way to Wealth imparts the importance of frugality. It isn’t enough just to earn money, you have to be smart about what you do with it. In this collection of sayings Franklin describes how a lack of frugality will cause financial ruin and describes the temptations that lead people to spend foolishly. r