How To Tap Into Your Personal Greatness

‘Greatness…consists in doing great deeds with little means and the accomplishment of vast purposes from the private ranks of life.’

– Dr Russell H. Conwell

Every human being is great, and every human being is born for greatness.

Now let’s have a close look at the word greatness, before you come back with, ‘But I don’t feel great or what about so and so – they weren’t great.’

Well what defines greatness?

I can only speak from personal experience, but separate from anything else that I’ve done with my life; my greatest achievement has been as a parent. I am the father of three incredible young adults who with my wife’s and God’s help have exceeded my greatest hopes and desires, and as their father I am extremely proud of them.

I don’t know how you measure greatness, but everything else pales into insignificant for me when compared to my role as a parent.

But in order to help you, let me unveil to you 5 ways that I believe will assist you to tap into your personal greatness – whether you have children or not.

1. Dig Deep

You and I were born with talents, gifts or strengths.

It really doesn’t matter what term we use to define your unique qualities, and that which makes you one of a kind.

But in order to clearly understand these we must first dig deep to discover them. Once discovered we can use them in a way that brings joy to us and others.

The world is best served if we live our days doing what we were born to do and being what we were born to be.

But be prepared to roll up your sleeves as you excavate through people’s expectations, life’s demands, parent’s plans, and financial pressures in order to live in accordance with your natural abilities.

2. Draw From Within

Have you ever heard the term raw talent?

That’s right. Every one of us is born with it. And it is only through being exposed to the heat of every day experience, along with repeated practice, that the raw talent we have been endowed with can begin to reflect something of impeccable taste.

Many of us have had to pass through the refining fires of challenge, rejection, disappointments, mistakes, trial and error, and misdirection – but remember that steel gains its greatest strength in fire, and the finest gold is sourced after it has passed through the flame.

3. Excel In The Execution

To be great in the big things of life, we must first be great in the small things of life.

If you cannot keep the inside of your car clean or shiny shoes, then how can you ever expect to take charge of spheres where you command greater influence?

If you fail in the area of keeping a personal budget, then how can you be expected to command control of a major balance sheet?

If you empty the bin or vacuum the floor and fail to complete the task with a spirit of excellence then how will you ever be placed in a leadership position of significance?

Do well when you do little and you will have acquired the skills to command respect and responsibility as you carry out much larger projects with the same spirit of excellence.

4. Keep Your Word

If you say you will do something, then do it. But what if it has become inconvenient now for you to do what you promised? So? Do it.

If you didn’t want to do it in the first place then you should have said so.

By keeping your word you have immediately placed yourself heads and shoulders above the crowd.

Unfortunately we live in an age where many do not abide by the golden rule: ‘Your word is your honour.’

Don’t accept that for yourself. Keep your word. Return that call when you said you would return it. Keep that appointment and be early. If you promised something and forgot you promised, and some weeks later are reminded of it, don’t let it slip any longer. Go and fulfil your word immediately.

5. Never Let Go

If you want to successfully tap into your personal greatness then never let go of your dream to be great, and to do great.

Greatness doesn’t come easy. Otherwise there would be a far greater number of great men and women living on our earth.

Hold on to your dream. Keep setting those goals. Continue to learn. Never hold back from pushing forward with the pursuit of your passion, and for the demonstration of you uniqueness in your day to day activities.

And even when the storms and trials come to seek to destroy your dreams, hang on with all your might. For with persistence your dreams will come true.

How are you tapping into your personal greatness today?

Motivational Memo: True greatness is often fashioned in the secrecy of anonymity.



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8 Responses to How To Tap Into Your Personal Greatness

  1. Lilian Saum says:

    Hi !

    Excellent advice, very good post. I really think You’ve touched all the important matters of uncovering your greatness with your 5 steps. Let me just point out that for step # 4, to keep your word, a word caution must be always in your mind. In order to keep your word you must know exactly what you promise, to whom and what kind of circumstances you’ll unleash by your acts. The first great promise from which you should never depart is to be faithful to yourself. ” To your own self be true/And then it must follow as the night follows day you canst be false to any man”. And second of all, and I think this applies to all the steps in your post, you must begin to think big of yourself, be flexible and subtle in your thinking and acquire tremendous courage not only to uncover your greatness but also to let it shine in the world.

  2. It’s very important to me that I keep my word, and also that others keep their word as well. It’s called integrity, some have it, most don’t.

  3. Mamari says:

    Thank for this wonderful post. However, I disagree when you say in step #1 “The world is best served if we live our days doing what we were born to do and being what we were born to be”. For example, I born in Chadian sahara where there no (till nowadays!!) neither electricity nor Internet and then you could say that I was born to be a camel breeder. And now, I’m in France doing research in a big laboratory.
    I think also that the world might be better if there more interactions between people. I hope didn’t misunderstand you.
    I am really impressed by the golden rule “Your word is your honour”.

    Thank again.

  4. Ariane Lee says:

    It’s so important to keep your word. Before making a promise, think of it for several times as you’re truthfulness is at stake. If you cannot have a word of honor, then you cannot be trusted.
    Thanks for the tap of this inspiring post!

  5. Thanks Lilian, Justin and Mamari – great wisdom share with all of us. And Mamari – sounds like you are now doing what you were born to do and are being what you were born to be – good for you!

  6. I believe we are all born for a purpose, although we may never really know what our purpose in life is (unless we search for it). Perhaps for us to have more fulfilling lives, it would be better, for us and others, to truly find out and live our purpose.

  7. i believe a person should seek devine guidance to discover their real life potential.

  8. Jake says:

    I don’t read many Pick the Brain posts anymore because they are redundant and useless typically. When I did read it all the time I would read so many posts that gave factual information that was incorrect and never cited any research giving credibility to the authors writings. I do think this is the best piece I have ever read on this blog. I appreciate the fact there was no advice that only experts should be giving no medical or factual things with out citing research, just great solid motivation. I loved it. Thank you so much

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