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How To Motivate Your Self for Weight Loss

There are a millions of people who want to lose weight that’s for sure. However, many tried and a lot failed to do so, why? Because they lack one very important ingredient of a successful weight loss and that is motivation. Motivation is the most significant factor if you ever decide to lose weight because without it, you’ll just end up frustrated and depressed. And remember, depression leads to overeating; and overeating leads to weight gain. That means, if you are not motivated to lose weight, then don’t start because you might just end up gaining more weight than what you currently have. Don’t lose hope though, there are many ways to motivate yourself so you’ll be on the right track and increase your success in achieving the desired weight you always dreamed off.

Do it for yourself

65% of the total adult population in the United States is considered overweight. You do not want to be one of them because this will increase your tendency to acquire or aggravate weight-related health problems like Diabetes type 2 and cardiovascular diseases.

Do it for your family

Obesity has been the 2nd preventable cause of death in the US, next to smoking. If you do not want to do it for yourself, well at least do it for the people you love and the people who care about you. Don’t be selfish. You’ll be a great loss to people who depend on you, love you, and care for you. Think of your spouse, your friends, your kids and maybe your future grandkids who want to play with.

Do it for your community

You want to set a good example? This is the best example you can give to your community. Since obesity has affected both kids and adults, you can be a motivation to others. Show them that anyone can fight obesity. This way, you’ll be able to help prolong not only your life but their lives as well. That would be a legacy and a great life achievement that will give you courage to succeed in other areas of your life.

Do it to increase your self-esteem

People who are overweight tend to have lower self-esteem compared to people who are on their ideal weight. This is because above average weight people are often perceived as lazy couch potatoes. People stare at you or make fun of you (sometimes) if you are fat. This is especially true to girls who are in school; they are often laughed at and are often called losers by sexy cheerleaders. If you are one of those undesirable girls in school, start a daily workout routine, eat a balanced diet and display those gorgeous curves on your next high school reunion.

Do it for the reward you have in stored

Rewards like a vacation getaway or any expensive ‘thing’ are great motivators. Remember those days when you will do just about anything for a candy? We may be adults but we will always be a child at heart. Reward yourself with something expensive and unusual. You’ll be working hard to lose weight, thus you deserve a special reward. How about a vacation at Bora-Bora to show off that hot body or probably a sparkly necklace to match your little black dress?

Do it for someone who broke your heart

So he broke your heart and left you for that sexy ugly Betty. Cry, pick up the broken pieces, and get back in shape. The next time you see them together; just smile and look at him drool on how gorgeous you look. As they always say ‘Success is the sweetest revenge’.

Do it for the other things that are important to you

Ask yourself this question, ‘What are the things that are important to me?’ Aside from self and family, some other reasons that are important to an individual are career, dreams, and even properties. Whatever other reasons you have, make it the reason why you want to live a longer life. Think about the time and energy you can devote to other things in your life if you did not have to worry about losing weight. Consider it as a challenge that you have to complete or as a race you have to win and put all your efforts into it until you get the results you want.

Losing weight is definitely easier said than done. It requires you to find the right reasons to be successful. One or two reasons in this article have motivated a lot of people, including me, to lose weight and achieve a healthier body. So, start looking deeper in yourself for that motivation to live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

Alex Chris writes about healthy weight loss topics. He tries to approach weight loss from a different perspective giving more importance to other parameters besides exercise and diet.

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16 Responses to How To Motivate Your Self for Weight Loss

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  2. The Vizier says:

    Hi Alex,

    You have hit the nail on the head when you identified motivation as a crucial factor for weight loss. Without the right motivation to fuel your desire to lose weight, it is hard to do so when the going gets tough. All of us have different motivations in life. Even so, you have managed to cover most of the things that would motivate a person to lose weight.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Anita says:

    Hi Alex – you have given a lot of good places to start searching for a reason to lose weight.

    One thing though – whatever the reason – it has to be something that comes from within you. Something powerful, emotional, personal and specific. It basically has to be a good enough reason to go through with what is essentially a lifestyle change.

    Losing weight is esy – anyone can do it – it’s keeping it off is where it gets tricky. But if we have that reason to get us over the treshold of learning new eating habits – then it gets a lot easier afterwards.

    So I agree with you – the reason why a person wants to lose weight can take them to the finish line alone :)

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  5. Jacqui says:


    Thank you. This has really opened my eyes to things that I had not considered with weight loss. My problem has been exactly that: a lack of genuine motivation. I have planned and planned and planned and planned to lose weight; creating food diaries, calculating appropriate calorie intake, and planning hours in the gym, but what I haven’t had is the sheer motivation to *act* upon it.

    Also, I think that goal-setting is most definitely a very, very important element in achieving weight loss success. It’s important for success in anything in life, really.
    My aim: to lose 45lbs by the time I am 19.

    Thank you for your helpful insight!

  6. Harrken says:

    I have been overweight most of my life and have found it hard to get motivated to loose weight. I have just met a wonderful lady who is accepting me as I am which is such a wonderful feeling. I am using her acceptance of me as my motivation for loosing weight. so far it is working, I have lost 17 pounds in the last month.

  7. Bucky says:

    I don’t mean any disrespect, but please check your grammar before publishing articles.

  8. The article is good, but I have one complaint :)

    No offense or anything but I think the advice to exercise for someone who broke your heart is NOT most useful to the person’s emotions.

    I mean, if it happened that my girlfriend left me and the reason she states is that she found someone with a better body, I think it’s much better to direct the focus to something more constructive, and let her live her life, then to destroy my emotions in attempt to revenge or whatever…

    I do not think that would help me to focus on how I will be better than that person for who she left me…

  9. Hi Alex,

    I lost 25 pounds a few years ago and I can say from experience you can’t appreciate how much better you’ll feel until the weight is gone. That was my motivation because I gained the weight in a relatively short amount of time and I really didn’t like the way it made me feel.

  10. I never had a problem with my weight until I had a child and now, it is a struggle for me. I guess what motivates you is the greatest factor in losing weight. It is always easy to start a diet/exercise regimen, but it is always very hard to continue and finish it. More than looking good, it is about feeling healthy that is helping me. I think family is still the key. :)

    Sharing with you this inspiring article on Building Confidence as life is not always about guarantees.

  11. Patsy says:

    Hi Alex: you are right you need to be motivated, and you need to be in the right place in your mind. I am using Isagenix and have lost 12 lbs in 20 days and I have a long road a head of me. I have lost so many friends and family to cancer (My Dad), heart attacks (my mother) who was also obse. It is a hard word to hear from your doctor..being fat did not bother me but obese…yikes. It yanked my heart out of my chest. I did some research and a great man introduced me to Isagenix and I will reach my goal by May 2012 (or earlier) I am enjoying my weight loss and decided to become a coach and help others and have started a 30 day challenge. So I am shouting out to anyone who is interested to visit my website 30daydiet.net

    Love your blog..what a great name..pickthebrain

  12. Stan Young says:

    Hey Alex.
    Great post! You have raised some important points.
    For me I think mind set is criticle, its about a choice in lifestyle.
    Sticking to rigid diets can be tough work but I think we can learn a bit from elite Athletes they are obsessive of what they put into their bodies.
    They understand the basic principal of burning energy, what we put into our mouths has to be burned off with some form of activity. If our activity is not in balance with what we put in our mouths we will gain weight its that simple!
    Our bodies are finely tuned machines that deserve our respect we only have one so we must look after it.

  13. Alex says:

    Thank you all for your comments!

    @Jacqui – good luck with your weight loss goals!

    @Harrken- acceptance is indeed a great motivating factor, I totally agree with you

    @David – that’s true, getting the weight back is a very bad feeling

    @kirstine – the hardest part is sticking to your goals until the end.

  14. Makhzannoor says:

    its nice great site and i have adde in my list

  15. Betchie Jarvier says:

    I have been trying a new product that helps with motivation in weight loss, it certainly seems to work for me anyway, it uses some special aromatherapy inhalers that help to reduce my appetite and remind me of my goals. Its made in Canada and its called Aromastyx, it certainly seems to be working to help me stay motivated by giving that little push when I need it. Motivation is certainly the key in losing weight and any help I can get to help me stay motivated is very welcome.

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