How to Make the Laws of the Universe Work in Your Favor


Have you ever had something that you really, really wanted fall unexpectedly into your lap?

Did you think it was a coincidence?

Have you ever noticed that, that seems to happen to some people, all the time?

Is that a coincidence?

Let’s find out:

The Law of Attraction

You might have heard of this before, it is quoted often, but if you are like me (who just recently learned what it really is about) you never completely grasped its power.

85 % of all communication is your body language

The Law of Attraction states that whatever you “ask the universe for, with passion, will be given” if you ask enough.

The reason for this is that when you can visualize something and can see it in your life you start to send out those signals with your body language, the way you talk, the way you act and the opportunities you see and react to.

Before long you will get an idea, be presented with an opportunity or in some other fashion get what you “asked for”.

Take action at once on inspiration

This is the second step of the process. When you get an opportunity or an idea that will move you towards your goals, you need to take action at once. If you wait your chances of success will quickly diminish.

The longer you wait the less a chance you have. Because of this, if you learn to react quickly when inspiration strikes you will succeed a lot more often.

You can ask for anything

This truly works for anything. I have heard dozens of stories about people visualizing and asking for a parking space at the entrance of a crowded mall. For some reason they always seem to get a spot right next to the door.

It works for business:
You ask for a particular result and all of a sudden inspiration strikes and you get the idea that changes everything. If you act at once you can make it reality and succeed.

I met my wife by using this law:

When I was 14 years old I decided I wanted a girlfriend, I had very little luck with women, mostly because of my confidence.

But one day I decided, “Next Tuesday I will have a girlfriend!”

I told my friends, but they just laughed and asked, how are you going to accomplish that. I had no idea how; I just knew that I would find a great girl.

Next Monday I had a baseball game and my friend, another player on the team, had brought a friend. An extremely attractive girl, way out of my league. We started talking though and really hit it off.
We went on a date the next day and today she is my wife!

You should have seen the look of surprise on my friends faces when they met her.

Don’t be afraid to ask

The worst thing that can happen if you ask is that you don’t get it. The best, is that you do. Don’t be afraid to try it out.

Remember it can take a couple of months before inspiration strikes, depending on what you ask, but if you really want it enough, it is worth the wait.



This technique has worked for thousands of individuals for hundreds of years.
Visualize what you want, feel yourself in possession of it, feel the sense of fulfillment, of happiness and take action as soon as inspiration strikes.


This was a guest post by Daniel M. Wood a well-known speaker and writer on Personal Development, Sales Technique and Motivation. Visit his blog and download your copy of his free e-book, Double Your Income.

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  • Great advice Dan – must be the name! One line really stands out: “The worst thing that can happen if you ask is that you don’t get it.” I repeat that to myself several times a day. “What is the worst thing that can happen?” Often times we discover the answer is “nothing too bad.”

    Playing out scenarios in your head is huge. Boiling down a situation to the most basic scenario is a great decision making tool – What good can come out of it? What bad can come out of it? I make most of my decisions this way and I’ve found that I rarely waste time making decisions, even dreaded important decisions. Thanks for the great advice. It really got me thinking this morning!

  • Good point Dan, the name says it all ;).

    I just want to add a word of caution, it is great that you ask yourself “What is the worst that can happen?” do increase your courage, but be careful not to dwell upon that question. If possible ask yourself “What is the best that could happen?” I think you might find it an as good source of motivation and it will get you focusing on great results.

    What do you think?
    Could that help?

  • Hi Daniel,

    The Law of Attraction does indeed work wonders. Whether people believe in it or not, it does not hurt to visualize what you want and to want it badly. As you rightly point out, if we want something enough, it starts to work through our body language. But more importantly, we might start consciously or unconsciously taking action and placing ourselves in the path towards getting what we want. Once we are on this path, we have to be alert to the signs around us. This way, we are in the best possible position to take advantage of any opportunity that comes our way. By visualizing and taking advantage of any opportunity, we can make our dreams a reality.

    Thank you for sharing this article! :)

    Irving the Vizier

    • toggy

      i have been using the law of attraction for years and received nothing i do everything you are supposed to do but stll i get nothing

  • You have to master the art of allowing as well. Some people due to low self worth have a particular hard time manifesting beyond normal, basic needs. You will have to do some inner belief work and clear out any blocks that are preventing your desires to manifest.

  • Great post Daniel!

    The Law of Attraction is indeed a powerful too that you can use in your favor to get what you want in life. I must say that action is what makes it all happen though and this is the part that most people don’t get. The Law of Attraction will bring the opportunity in front of you but if you do not take the risk and make a move you will not get the result that you are looking for.

    I will also agree with Justin in that if you do not think that you are worthy of receiving what you are asking for then you will never be able to attract that thing into your life. A powerful self esteem is the foundation for all success. You must know that it is your Divine Right to have whatever you want in life no matter how big it is.

    Thanks for posting on such a great topic!

  • willy

    Excellent point Justin

  • I love it! I’ve always used the quote ” If you don’t ask, the answer is always no” I always ask, but it must in a nice way. I’ve received many things that appeared to be out of reach, just by asking.

    I ask for your continued success in what ever you pursue.

    Kindest Regards,
    Harv Whitman

  • Wonderful points! I use these techniques myself and appreciate the clear way you described the process of attraction. First, having a sense that what you desire is your reality now feels great. We have a great life now and it is getting better. I am seeing, especially with money, how I held myself back in the past with thoughts like just having enough to get by or thinking of not having enough to afford some fun things. The phrase “can’t afford it” is a great one to watch and notice how many things you think you can’t afford.

    I also appreciate it that you include taking action, which is where many people leave off with the Law of Attraction. If you believe something is happening, the obvious thing to do is to act on it.


  • steve rogers

    great, You become what you think about, is basicaly what you are saying, and its true your predominant thoughts are what you will experiance in your life as time gose by, you are the creator of your own destiny by way of your own thoughts. So go ahead think great thoughts for your self and enjoy your life to the max yeeeeeehaaaaaa!!!!

  • steve rogers

    one more point, dont think negative thoughts because the universe dose not judge you, it will send back to you your negative thoughts in just the same way as it sends positive thoughts back to you,and thats why some peoples lives are so crap, but they only have themselves to blame, why…because it has been what they have thought about in the if i think oh dear im never going to get out of this debpt and all sorts of other negative things GESS WHAT thats exactly what i will get, another load dumped on me from the universe, so wake up people and use the “wishing well” to your advantage not to your detrement.steve.

    • MONICA H.B


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  • joy

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  • Manifestontime

    Very good information on your site! When you undertand the Laws, it make much easier. :)

  • Vishva Unantenna

    Hi this is a lil bit long but interesting so i also thought i would share a small story about signs and the law of attraction. i had just been sent to rehab without my will by my parents in their effort to rid me off my bad marijuana habit.It happened so suddenly, i had just returned home to sri lanka from the USA and my father had come to pick me up. His story was that we would go pick my mother up from an ashram where she had gone (she is highly religious) and would go back home. We got to the ashram and there she was, a monk stood there and invited me in to tie a sacred string which is a normal practice in buddhism, and after a a few prayers my father spoke to me. The words he said put me in a state of shock. “Now son, you have to stay here.”On my way to the ashram i had called my beloved girlfriend of 2 years and was overjoyed to hear her voice, even more with the feeling of seeing her after an year of missing her company. So from the time i got onto my flight from the US all i had in my mind was the sight of being with my love, until this was shattered when my father said that i had to stay here. I would never forget that horrible feeling of a puffer fish exploding in my stomach. Anyways after a confrontation with my father i was forced into the rehabilitation centre. A large hall full of around 70 bunk beds. The rehab centres in this part of the world (im from sri lanka) are not very welcoming, and believe me when i say this. This place was supposed to be the best one in sri lanka, and it housed just 3 lavatories and 4 showers for around 80 people. Most of these people who were heavy uses of heroine, whereas i was just a stoner. i was just nemo in the middle of a shark pond.Trust me i do not blame my parents for their actions but myself. I do agree i went a little overboard with my smoking habbit and it ruined alot of things for me in my life. So on my first day there i was all alone and all i had with me was a readers digest, everything was taken away from me, including my phone and sadly my parents. It was a sort of treatment, i was not to have contact with my parents or anyone else, wake up at 5 in the morning and obey a set of strong rules, such as not talking to others and wearing a certain dress code and also attending prayers. The treatment was meant to be for an year. The first contact you get with your parents if you are lucky is in 3 months and this is if you behave properly and follow the rules. ( I was not told this till i got out for some reason, i guess because many have escaped from this place before the treatment ended) Oh yea sorry if i forgot to mention that there was no way out of this place. It was on top of a mountain in a very rural area. Anyways i was not ready to stay here for more than a day.On those first few day i had written on the back of my readers digest book that i will leave this place in a month, and no matter what happens i will do it even if i had to break out of the place. And i also set myself a date, it was the 20th of may i remember. All happened this year btw ( 2012)Anyways i cried alot in my time there cus i was suffering from a horrible depression like state of mind and everyday i would hurt me so much to think of not being able to talk to her. I think it was the longest i have ever gone without talking to her. But everyday i would think to myself that i would get out of here. ANd my will was so strong to be out unlike lots of other people there, i guess because they really needed the treatment to get out of their habbit.So somewhere along the way, during one of the rehab programs that taught us why not to take drugs (these programs happened 3 timess a day and were pretty much the same thing all the time giving the same msg) My attention was diverted in finding a way to escape from there. During the first week there, 4 others had escaped, most of them run away at night after they had gained the trust of the monk and being allowed to do work outside of the ashram. Newcomers were not allowed out.We were also not allowed visitors, but strangely enough inly 2 weeks into the treatment while i was at one of those useless programs i was called downstairs as someone had come to meet me. It was a psychologist whom my parents have sent knowing that the place does not allow communication or even visitors to the ashram. I was probably the happiest man alive that day as waking up at 5 in the morning and being stuck inside a toilet with just 3 lavatories and only 4 showers with another 50 people was not a fun experience. I cried alot and made it very clear that i had to get out of there and they understood. But they couldnt take me out t once, it had to be done smoothly and a bunch of lies must be said to the monk who as in charge, for my release.This happened over the course of the month, when the psychologist made a visit every week to talk to me about the situation, he had slowly convinced my parents that the place was unsuitable for me and they have understood. By the end of the month, my father had called the priest and told him that he had decided to take me abroad to live with my uncle with was complete bullshit, and that the fee that he had paid the centre was good in their hands.I was put in that place on the 19 of April 2012 and was taken out on the 23rd of May. (on my book i had written 20th of may  ) Since then upto this day i have been clean from smoking pot and i do not plan on smoking again. Not just because of this incident but i have been given many signs telling me to stop smoking it, that i was heading in the wrong direction. Signs such as getting caught to a cop and having to spend a night in a cell, getting kicked out of college for smoking pot and many others. I remember the first few signs were when my mom unexpectedly found my stash of weed in a metal box which she managed to break open with her hands (i dont know how). The signs kept getting bigger later on and i did not heed them at all, even my girlfriend used to get uspet over me smoking pot. SO now i have decided i need a change in my ilfe and here i am trying to live it. I am still sort of in a depression, this too from smoking pot and mainly dropping acid which i wouldnt have done if i saw the first sign as a sign telling me to stop. I know my life would have been much better.Smiles!  

    • Princess

      so sad to here your story, please be a good gentleman, may the noble triple gem bless you,

    • Princess

      ask your mother about Tissa Sirimevan Hegoda, ??????

      • Vishva Unantenna

        Hi again
        And wow.
        He is my biological father, the dude abandoned me and my mom when I was 7. Before he used to beat my mom up for her cash I still have a few bad memories of it even though i was little.
        I’m really shocked you got at this. Could this be a reason I feel my anxiety or whatever the hell I got after my acid trip. Yesterday I suffered a great deal I guess it was something g like a panick attack and I went all around asking people for a spirit healer as I know that I can’t trust pills to help me get through this. All I know is that our bodies heal and nothing lasts forever we are all able to heal even the mental state I’m in. It would be of great help if I could talk to you maybe contact you through email. I’m an currently lookin at spiritual healers who can help me so I can finally go out and make some friends as I’ve lost them all being alone due to fears. I really can’t explain how sad it’s been cus I’m scared it will again make me feel sad. Anyways I’ll do anything for me to rid me off the pain. I cry a lot cus of the way I feel. One thing I wanna tell you is that since the time I’ve been trying to recover I’ve noticed myself seeing strange numbers everywhere I don’t know what it is or why. Numbers such as 11:11 on a clock or 3:33 such strange ones and it happens so unintentionally I don’t even want the time but I seem to notice these and it’s strange I’m wondering if you know anything about this.

        • Vishva Unantenna

          This comment was left by another person, and this comment has caused alot of issues. I would appreciate it if a moderator could delete this comment.

    • Vishva Unantenna

      hey guys though the above story was fabricated, below mentioned person is a true character and an inhuman

  • asdasd


  • Vishva Unantenna


  • Vishva S Unantenna

    One of my friends asked me about what I had written an unknown blog. Then I asked my Thatti to check it as I am a very busy person and as my Thatti is my best friend. My Thatti checked it and told me “Oh………Buddy a crazy jealous idiot has used your name and written some nonsense by hacking. You don’t have to worry about that. It was only then, That I read it.
    Some dirty person had used my name and had written a strange story about me with the aim of damaging my reputation. Since I am a very busy person I have no time to look into those insignificant blogs. Anyway I am not bothered about this.
    However, my Thatti is looking out for this good for nothing person who has a sick mind, and who is trying to tarnish the good image and reputation of our family. No matter what anyone writes, the whole world knows who we are and the way we live.
    We suspect who has written these stories, comments and also the answers to the comments etc., All this has been posted by the same idiot who has nothing else to do. This coward writes under my name and as princess. However, we know that type of low third grade work will not succeed. My Thatti has already started looking into this matter and will take strong action against this culprit.
    If anyone wants to know who I am you can contact me on these numbers
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    My Thattis and Ammas numbers are in order-0094 777344858/ 0094777698505

    This is the only respond as I am not concerned about them. We firmly believe that such persons wuld have to pay for their sins even if we refrain from taking any action in retaliation.

  • sawula7


  • abc


  • Jonathan

    Taking action and making your desire extremely clear and then giving exactly what you want to receive back, do this and you can’t lose. You found your wife because you were willing to give yourself in exchange for herself.

  • David Mars

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  • Timothy Fish

    If this nonsense worked, I’d have been married a long time ago. But the fact is, there is a God who created the Universe who has plans that don’t always align with what we ask for.