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How to Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

They say we all live to serve. That by helping others we fulfill our own destiny.

I do not know if this is correct, but I do know the feeling I get when I help someone and see that I make a difference;
something happens, I get a sense of fulfillment, happiness and I feel a sense of purpose, a surge of energy.

I do not know if this is proof that helping others is our destiny, but I do know that it is enough of a reason to try and help someone when we get the chance.

Make a difference

We are all gifted with a unique set of skills and abilities. With those abilities we can make extra-ordinary things happen in the world around us, or not.

It is completely up to you whether you want your life to make a difference and what difference you want your life to make.

Many people set lofty goals for their lives and want to be remembered as visionaries, they want to change and save the world.
Others want to be remembered as the kind man or women down the street who always helped and always listened if you needed help.

Who do you think is the better person?

The one who changes the world or the one who saves the individual?

Do what you can with what you have

To make a difference and be remembered you do not have to do incredible things, just being there for the people around you can save someone from a meaningless life and help them lead the life they were meant to live.


Small things matter

Listening to other people’s problems without passing judgment is one of the kindest things you can do. Most people know the answers to the problems they are facing; they just haven’t realized it yet.
By letting them talk through their problems on their own, you help them find their path and realize what they should do.
Sometimes they might need encouragement and help to start on this new path, which is something you, usually, always can give.

Doing something amazing

Changing the life of another person is an incredible feeling and it is completely within your grasp.
You can do this by deciding to become a mentor for a young ambitious person. You can help them avoid the mistakes you have made and help them learn from the ones they will inevitably make themselves.

Fight for someone’s rights

You will often see someone get treated unfairly. It happens both professionally and socially, individuals who deserve recognition do not get it.

By taking up the fight and making sure others get what they deserve and earned you will be a true hero. You will make a lasting impact on their lives and you will be rewarded with love and help in the future when you are in need.

The law of karma says that whatever you do you will get back three fold, helping others is therefore a selfish act, but still a good act, one that you should do without fear, with love and with the knowledge that you will one day be rewarded.

Go the distance

Compromise is the enemy of long term commitment, if you have committed to helping someone by being their mentor or by fighting for their rights, don’t stop half way. Go the distance and see it through. Make sure something happens so all your work doesn’t end up as only talk.

The difference between stopping half way and finishing isn’t much in terms of the work you put in, but worlds apart in the difference for the individual you are helping.


In truth we might all be here to help each other, we might all be a part of a machine that fosters cooperation, or were not. We might just be here to make the best of the situation for ourselves.

In any case, helping others brings happiness and prosperity into your own life, so for whatever reason you chose to help others, it will always help you in return.


I hope you liked this article and found it useful.

If you would like to read more from Daniel M. Wood you can find more at his blog Looking to He writes mainly about Motivation and the Principals of Success.

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16 Responses to How to Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

  1. Chetan says:

    Hi Daniel , we see more post related to helping ourself to improve but this was about helping others :)

    Many times we feel that to help other we must be rich ( in terms of providing donation ) but that is not the truth. You have mention nice different ways to help people.

    recently my wife told to give some money to neighbour who has some finance problem and can not pay child school fees so for general people it can be small money but for that person it is huge.

    Lastly main difference in human and animal is – Animal goes to field to eat and come back , they can not think that lets bring some food for my neighbour who is in need but human can do this thing. If we just live for ourself then we are like animal :-)

  2. Hi Daniel,

    Every since I was a child I have been a giver, a helper. I seemed to go out of my way to help others, and, as I write this, I am reminded of the blessings that have come my way. I literally stopped from writing this comment to reflect on the good thing that have happened to me which I can only contribute to my helping other people. I either ‘attract’ good things or good opportunities, but what’s even better is that I when I get into trouble or I face hard times, I always seem to get out of these situations without me necessarily doing anything.

    Someone will look out for you if you look out for others.

    Live The Life Of Your Dreams Free Mini-Course

  3. Thank You so much Daniel,for the kind highlighting the way for us from the selfishness of selflessness :-) It is so powerful path for self-improvement and Self-Realization.

  4. Juan Felix says:

    Great words. They truely make a difference. Thanks. ~ Juan

  5. It feels good to help others because when we help others we help ourselves.

    By standing up for someones rights you are doing much to make sure nothing like that happens again. It’s also easier for me to stand up and help someone besides myself.

  6. Tiger Roar says:

    This is what life’s is all about……….I love your work very much. Please keep me update of your progress.

  7. Fighting for someone else seems to be last on people’s lists. We all have to work on going the distance though. Keep writing and keep inspiring. Your fans, The NoHo Team.

  8. BASHIR BAWAN says:



  9. samersarrouh says:

    Helping with no motive, rewards is praiseworthy.

  10. Rydhimaoberoi91 says:

    life is how make it…..

  11. Rydhimaoberoi91 says:

    life is how u make it…….

  12. Maryum97 says:

    Amazing……..really a turning point for my life!!!

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