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How To Find Your Passion in Life

What if you could wake up every morning enthusiastic and overjoyed about the day ahead of you?

What if the underlying dread of “going to work each day” completely disappeared…and instead was replaced by an eager, overjoyed excitement to do what you do?

Believe it or not, for some people, this is the everyday reality: They jump out of bed, eager to begin their work day simply because they LOVE WHAT THEY DO.

But most people are still somewhat behind this trend. These are the ones who slug through the work week eager to find escape in their weekend plans and parties…Only to dread Monday as it inevitably creeps up on them. And it always does.

Don’t let this be you.

But how can you find that one activity or cause that you love and get rich from it? Where do you begin?

One way to discover your true passion is to ask yourself some questions. Here are 4 to get you started:

1 – What does the kid in you love? – When you were a child, what did you enjoy doing? What did you want to be when you grew up? What were you naturally good at? See if you can tap into your inner child to get to a truer, more pure version of yourself.

2 – What would you do for free? – What’s one thing that you’d eagerly do for free just because it gives you so much joy and meaning in life? If you’re willing to do something free, you’ll definitely have enough passion to drive you toward real success as you creatively monetize it.

3 – If I won the lottery, yet had to build my ideal business (not using any of the funds I won), what would I create? – What would you do if you had absolutely no financial pressure yet still had to contribute to society in a meaningful way that paid you? Or, for those who prefer to work for someone else: what would you do if you won the lottery but still had to go to work each day? Where would you work? You might be surprised at what you come up with.

4 – What does my dream life look like? – We all have a vision of what our ideal life would look like. And although every current moment is perfect as it is, we should certainly strive for a greater vision of life (this helps us grow personally, psychologically, spiritually, etc). So imagine it. What does your ideal life look like? Where do you work? What do you do each day? Where do you live? Try to answer these questions in a serious way, that’s how you’ll get the most out of it.

Some people might say, “Yea, that’s nice but I just want success, why bother with passion?”

The answer to that is: Truth be told, most people don’t find or experience success unless they’re doing what they’re really passionate about. Your passion is your purpose…it’s what you were CREATED to do in this lawfully-driven world! Plus, success is a holistic experience that includes money…but it’s more than money.

Success is the experience of being genuinely fulfilled, finding meaning in your daily activity, personally growing, contributing and of course generating excellent revenue from these contributions.

The key reason you need to start with what you’re passionate about before achieving genuine success is that nothing other than passion has the power to sustain, guide, and drive you when you face the many obstacles or “challenges” that you will. It’s passion that drives all outstanding success.

When you’re working in accordance with your passion, you’re in flow. Not just with yourself but with the universe as a whole. So go ahead and find yours today if you haven’t already!


About the authors: Cece Suwal and Mark Brener are coauthors of the national bestseller, A Guide To Your Supreme Power and cofounders of The One World Initiative, where you can discover your path to money, love, power, success, life purpose, and meaning.

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26 Responses to How To Find Your Passion in Life

  1. Abyooda says:

    passion is where you wake up everyday feeling victorious, such a nice article, thanks alot :)

  2. exactly Abyooda. Wishing you a victorious, passion-filled day today and EVERDAY!

  3. The Furries says:

    I think that you should start by asking yourself these questions without a thought about making a living out of it, or, get rich from it.
    If you have something, anything, in your life that you are passionate about – charish and endulge yourself in it!
    Not everybody can make of living out of their passion but everybody can live with some passion in their life!

  4. Elle says:

    Thanks for sharing!! I especially love the “What does my dream life look like” part. I love day planning and will write out 5am to midnight of my ideal day. I then account for each hour of the day and what I would like to be doing. That is where true passions start to emerge!

  5.  Thanks Elle. We’ve never thought of our ideal day so thats a new one! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Tror Glade says:

    I find it a playful journey when traveling back to my childhood. Things were so simple then and FUN FUN FUN. I would love to have days like that again. It is very possible! Great Post.

  7. Henri says:

    Love it. 
    Asking the child within works!! 

  8. Natalie says:

    These are great starter questions.

    I’d like to add asking yourself what is it you like about the activities you enjoy?
    Is it the physical challenge? the intellectual challenge? Being outdoors? being in control? Being part of a group? being independent?

    Indeed, “Success” without passion is like a marriage without love. It can work out sometimes, but it’s awful empty.

  9. Navjot says:

    “When you’re working in accordance with your passion, you’re in flow. Not just with yourself but with the universe as a whole.” very inspiring lines. thanks

  10. Your analogy that “success without passion is like marriage without love” is PERFECT! Thanks Natalie.

  11. Totally agree…when you’re in a state of passion time just passes by without you knowing it. That’s alos how you know you’re in flow. Have a passion-filled (productive!) day :)

  12. I love these questions, especially the lottery one…rings true for finding our true passion.

  13. Kevin Martin says:

    Success doesn’t bring happiness. Happiness brings success. 

  14. Imakebots says:

    Hey, My latest post is also about finding passion, you have good points there, I do have compiled different points, do have a look.

  15. 2gnōME says:

    This is great! Finding your passion begins with having a high self-knowledge!

  16. 2gnōME says:

    This is great! Finding your passion begins with having a high self-knowledge!

  17. Siegi says:

     Great post. Another exercise worth trying to find passion in life is to do a more thorough exercise like the one described in this article

  18. powerful questions 😀

  19. Vexedx10 says:

    I’ve been searching for a passion for years, read many books, blogs, etc… I can’t find it and it hasn’t found me.  I’m so jealous of those that have found their passion.  It’s also very frustrating watching those that know their passion and don’t pursue it.  Pursue it dammit!

  20. Vexedx10…sometimes the thing we search for is right in front of us or right under our nose. Ask yourself: how would I spend my day if I had all the money I needed (that’s the lottery question). Then take that answer and see how you can turn it into a business of sorts…or be paid for it. You might find that your passion was with you all along after all…

  21. Vexedx10 says:

    I’ve considered that question many times.  Have you ever seen the movie “Office Space”.  My answer would be similar to Peter’s, ” I’d relax, I would sit on my ass all day, I would do nothing” in addition I’d probably go outside, walk, ride bikes, play basketball, play with the kids, etc…  But as far as any monetizing activity nothing I can think of.  I used to like to mess around with computers but I don’t anymore, I used to like playing video games I don’t anymore, I like watching movies and love listening to music, not sure how I can create a income with those though.  

    BTW – I do appreciate your comment, I’m just trying to be genuine with my answer.  I really have tried for about 7-10 years to discover something else but can’t find it, if it’s under my nose I don’t know what it would be, I feel like I’ve examined every part of my life and don’t see it.

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