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How to Develop a Positive Mindset

I’ve always told people who want to go far in life that all they require is a positive mindset.

The same goes for you.

You don’t need money because the most important capital you already possess, your mind.

You also need to understand that you look the way you think.

Your mind is an inner reflection of what you are outside. It’s what defines you– your personality and everything that concerns you.

Like I said earlier, the most important element  you require to succeed in life is your mindset– that’s why the power of the universe gave you  the ability to imagine. You’re at your free will to think anything you want to, and it all depends on you to think or meditate on the right or wrong things.

If you are poor inside ( I mean,if you have a negative mindset) it will reflect in the things you do.

Having said that, the first thing you need to work on if you really desire to go far in life– as well as professionally, is to train up your mind positively.

I believe your appetite is already wet and you’re really eager to know how to renew your mind for the next level. Right?

No need to worry. Trust me, I’ll show you how to. But first, know this:

Your success, prosperity and greatness in life or business is not dependent on your geographical location– neither is it dependent on your financial state. In fact, the nation in which you live in, the economy in which you function ( though are very vital elements) are not the determining factors of your success or failure.

Your mindset is so important and  that’s why you need to build on it.

If you look at the very successful bloggers or online entreprenuers today, you’ll see that they are people with big goals—dream thinkers– and people with the right mentality. No doubt they were able to achieve so much.  You can also achieve more,  and even perform better if you develop the right mindset.

Here are the list of things you need  to build the right mindset.

1. Build your thought process.

What are thoughts?

Thoughts are machines of the mind with constructive or destructive meaning.

For you to achieve great success in life, you have  to change your thoughts.

You’re the character of your thoughts. The things you have today– the level you’re in your life today — the material things you have and friends that surround you came as a result of your thoughts ( You just didn’t know).

The totality of your personality–the things you do–and the character of your words are all expression of your thought process.

Here are a list of things to do to build the right thought:

  • Mount garrison over your heart and decide to only think on  positive things. Don’t allow every thought come in because not all are good.
  • Accept and dwell only on positive thoughts.
  • Meditate on the right things. Read inspirational books and messages that will improve your mind and make you think the right way.

2. Make up your mind to change.

If you really want to build a positive mindset– it all comes down to you.

You’ve got to tell yourself that you’re ready for a new beginning and conform your entire being to it. Don’t just sit down there and say ”I’m going to build my mindset soon” . Don’ do that– but  Follow up with action.

3. Get whatever help you can to change.

When building a positive mindset, you need people along the line to help you one way or the other. Look at  the most successful people around you and try to get close to them.

Seek advise from them and ask about the attributes they invested their time on. You’ll be surprised at the things they did to become successful.

4. Get connected with like minded people.

You can’t make it if the people that surround you are negative minded people who don’t believe in the possibility of success.

This is very important.

Do you have friends who discourage you from doing the right things or making the right decisions?

If you have such friends, please stay far away from them and connect yourself with positive minded people.

It’s not hard to make friends with positive minded people because they surround  you ( maybe you just didn’t notice them). All you need to do is to work on your thinking and your thought will attract their being to you.

5. Believe in the possibility of a bright future.

No matter how things go rough,believe in the possibility of a bright and successful future.

Challenges are  not meant to discourage us, but they’re steps to our promotion.

Don’t get discouraged if you’re not seeing any changes in your life.  Stick to your passion—the things that works for you and with time, you’ll start seeing results.

When I first started online as a Freelance Writer , I was scammed  by different editors –and Freelance writing clients. In fact,  there was one particular guy that scammed me of $4,000 worth of articles. I never allowed that to discourage me; instead, I put the past behind me and moved on with business and you know what?

Two months later, I met with the right set of people  I needed to grow my Freelance business and today, my blog is rocking ( Though just started 1 to 2 months ago)!

If you want to make go far in life and in business, believe  that you  will get to the level you’ve always desired to be and with time, you’ll get there.

You own it all!

Yeah. If there’ll ever be a change– you’ll be the one to make it happen.

Your dreams are achievable if you develop your mind positively.



Daniel Adetunji is a  young entrepreneur and full time Freelance Writer who’s currently for HIRE.

He’s also the CEO of infowland, where he shares practical sales and traffic generation tips for online entrepreneurs.

Daniel has helped Mid-sized home business owners ( online and offline) and corporate organizations grow their businesses and there’s no doubt he’ll help you do the same if you HIRE him!


19 Responses to How to Develop a Positive Mindset

  1. Yes, thanks!  At the moment, having 0 [that’s a zero] money, this is great for me.  Trying to connect with positive people…


  2. Great post – thanks for sharing your own experiences, struggles, and learning.

    Here are a few questions that can help contribute to a positive mindset:
    1.     What’s positive about your situation right now?
    2. What words could you change right now to create a more positive experience?
    3. Where can you speak with more enthusiasm in your life right now?
    4. Does your tone of voice convey the same message as your words?
    5. What situation could you congratulate yourself on today?

  3. Great advice, what we repeatadly do is what we are. The right mindset will create and let you notice the opportunities. Your mind loves being right, so if you think you are going to fail or have bad luck your mind will be very creative in creating a situation where this will happen. All sp that it will be right!

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  5. Great post Daniel, it’s all about the inspiration. 

  6. Daniel Young says:

    ‘Your mind is an inner reflection of what you are outside.’
    No wonder I look so morbidly sexy. 

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  8. This is a great article. My mother has always said that “your thoughts create your reality,” and every time I have been able to shut out my negative feelings and emotions I have realized this to be true. I’m still working on making this a regular habit of mine, but I’m optimistic about what the future holds for me!

  9. Jorge Blanco says:

    Wonderful article. I  particularly like your tip 2, on making up your mind to change. It all starts there. If you want change and you’re convinced you’ll be able to do it, you will achieve it.

  10. Amir Ex says:

    awesome article  thank you so much  for sharing  :)

  11. anonymous says:

    Cool article, and definitely inspiring! I have a little bit of constructive criticism, however: Daniel, it may help people take you more seriously and, thus, land you more jobs if you edit your work a little more thoroughly. Some of your typos were glaring enough to actually distract me while reading (for example: there is no space between the first parenthesis and the first word within the parentheses). I really don’t want this to come off as rude, but rather, as helpful to a career about which you find yourself passionate!

    Thanks again for the lovely take on positive energy!

  12. blogorama says:

    Thanks for this article! I feel like I have great material in my blog on the articles I’ve found and research I’ve done but still find it hard to keep with this mindset at times. This read is truly inspiring!

  13. Bohrasunayana9 says:

    Very nice and inspiring……

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