5 Ways to Declutter Your Life

Clearing up your life’s mess is the first step to unlock the doors of happiness, joy and success. We all want to live our dream lives with extreme and immense pleasure. We all want to be happy and awesome. And I am certain that it’s all possible, reasonable and right around the corner. You can have all what you want by first clearing up and de-cluttering everything you don’t want. When you clear the spaces in every domain of your life, you allow things and experiences you ‘want’ to flow with ease. For instance, If you want to be slim you should get rid of everything that can make you fat and then all the dietary plans will follow up and eventually the results will show. But in any case you don’t trash the chocolate and cookie bags from your kitchen then it all becomes a big hustle and struggle to be consistent to catch up with your goals. Hence, clearing up is synonymous to taking responsibility for creating the life we want. I have for you five simple ways you can start to add more living to your life right away.

1.  Clear up your closet – Sounds a bit weird right? How can clearing up your wardrobe will help you live your dream life. So, here’s the thing our wardrobe and closet is the reflection of the person we are. And if you want change and transformation to enter your life you might wanna start by getting rid of clothes that don’t make you the person you are. Our personalities are displayed through the clothes we wear and you want to make sure that whatever you have boosts your confidence. Throw away or donate the clothes you don’t need. It’s like dream clearing instead of spring clearing.

2. Clear up the social group – We all have friends that are either positive or negative. Positive people will always light you up but negative will drag you down. We all know who they are but for social reasons we can’t get rid of them. Negative people always put annoying updates and tweets that suck our energies and demotivate us. You might want to start by deleting or un-following them but if that’s not the thing you can do, get another personal account or hide people you don’t want to spam your wall.

3. Unsubscribe from newsletters you don’t read/ to-do lists you don’t feel inspired to work on – why to add stress in your life by accumulating technological inbox’s or files and pages of to-do lists that you don’t feel motivated to complete. There’s always a way to start fresh, unsubscribe from newsletters you don’t even read and throw away the stickies you have on your desk. This will help you become more creative by allowing new ideas to flow.

4. De-clutter your thoughts – After clearing up the space around you and getting rid of the technological hustles, know what your thoughts speak to you. De-cluttering your thoughts is like being your own gatekeeper. It will be uncomfortable at first but whenever you catch a thought that doesn’t empower you in any way, don’t entertain it. Because we all have a choice to choose our thoughts so choose the ones that serve and are positive.

5. De-clutter your excuses to reach heights – We all live in a bubble of comfort zone. A zone that makes us feel safe and comfortable and that also stops us to expand and reach to our dreams. get rid of the excuses like, “I am not qualified for my dream job”, “I don’t deserve it”, “I am too lazy”, “I am too old or too young”. You can get all you want by expanding your zone. Begin by doing things that you are scared of.

Start today to de-clutter your life and enjoy the unleashing of your dreams!

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Ruchika – I am a Life coach + would be psychologist + spiritual rockstar.


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18 Responses to 5 Ways to Declutter Your Life

  1. UpbeatBrain says:

    Ruchika, I agree with you completely. I find that too many things can weigh down my life in physical and mental ways. One thing I like about not having too many clothes is all of the time that I save in deciding what to wear — less clothes = less time spent thinking about outfits. :)

  2. Clearing up the social group is one of the most important ones! James Altucher put it as “bring closer those who raise you up and cut out those who bring you down.” Ever since reading that, I consciously began to analyze my own social circle. I realized the majority of them brought me up and I’m VERY fortunate to have them. However, in my new environment in Arizona, I noticed the opposite. A lot of negative people who don’t believe in success surrounded me for the first few months and it really was a drag on me. I slowly began to separate myself from this and now BOOM. Positivity surrounding me and I can already see the results. Life is good again.

  3. Hey Mike, that’s a great way to look at it :) Quality always matters than quantity! I am glad you liked it. x

  4. Wow Vincent, that’s amazing! I am so happy for you! May you always be surrounded with positive people :) x

  5. Suraj says:

    Getting rid of negative thoughts is very difficult and usually takes long time; also it is like suppressing spring, it comes back again with strong force…..

  6. Hi Suraj, we have fed our mind with negativity so much that getting rid of it takes time but every moment you notice that thought and change it, you have taken a step ahead to control your life. And it usually takes 21 days of consistent auto-suggestion that turns your action into a behavior. And I guess 21 days of practice are far better than a life long lived with negativity. :)

  7. kulls says:

    Clearing up the closet and unsubscribing from newsletters are the most important way to declutter your life..Negative thoughts can be done away with meditation for sure.
    Thank you

  8. karen Crossett says:

    A lovely post with good decluttering rituals. Spring is a good time to do it, get rid of the old unwanted stuff – physical and emotional – leaving space for the new. It is important not to fill the space with more clutter-but to wait in that space for better things.

  9. Debbie says:

    I’ve always found that if i need or want some new clothes I have to make room for them first. By cleaning out my closet i make room for new. When we do decutter it is making room for the better things in life. Love your ideas to declutter.

  10. :) glad you liked it

  11. These great tips are analogous with the concept of feng shui. Remove (unnecessary) things that block your path to growth so you can focus on what’s important. Parents who practice this should have more time to focus on their children and what goes on around them. Too often parents are oblivious to signs of depression, low-self esteem, being bullied, etc., until they actually see broken arms or worse, a noose in the very cluttered closet.

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  13. Logan Ludovico says:

    I’d start by de cluttering this website..That Social Bar is a pain in the ass.

  14. Mukesh Jha says:

    in the field of self-help it is most crowded.what everyone is so sure of its formulae

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