How to Begin to Find Your Purpose

I believe everyone knows what they want to do in their life. This includes you! However, you may not be consciously aware of your purpose because of the little voice in your head: your “ego”. Your ego suppresses your ability to fulfill your purpose because it fuels feelings of self-doubt, self-limiting beliefs, and paralyzing fears that prevent you from taking action. Thus, deep down you know what you were born to do and this article will help you figure it out by bringing it to your awareness.

But before you dive head in, a few things:


As a matter of fact, blast that ish up! And then start dancing. Get your endorphins flowing, get out of your head, and just feel your body! This will get your creative juices flowing. Do this for 1 minute.


Don’t worry about the ego in the back of your mind that’s whispering reasons why it’s not going to work. It will say stuff like, “Well, you could never do that. Who do you think you are? That’s a great idea but how on earth will you make money? This exercise is stupid. You’ll never figure it out and you’ll stuck forever.” Sound familiar? We all have that voice in our head, but realize it’s a whole bunch of garbage and you don’t have to listen to it. Also, here’s a great technique to prevent the ego from dictating your thoughts (thanks to Josh Pais and his Committed Impulse training):

Focus on the present moment. When you start hearing the ego or you notice your mind starts straying, snap your attention back to the present by saying out loud, “I’m back” while paying attention to your breathing. Being present will empower you to not give your ego any power over how you feel or what you’re thinking. Just focus on the present moment and the task at hand.


Get out a pen and paper.

Step 1: Answer these questions

  • When were you happiest? Think of a time, recently or even long ago when you were happiest. What were you doing? What was going on?
  • Who do you envy? Who are you secretly jealous of? Who do you admire? Write down as many names as you want. Then write down the qualities they possess that you are envious of.
  • What gets you excited? What do you love to do? What fuels your passion and zest for life? What gives you butterflies and makes your heart skip a beat?
    • It can be anything like: nature, art, love, music, poetry, working with your hands, dancing, singing, climbing a mountain, playing basketball, etc.
  • What are you naturally good at? What do people come to you for? What do people ask your advice on?
    • This can be stuff like: calming people down, communication, finding innovative solutions, brainstorming creative ideas, connecting with people, decorating, finding commonality with strangers, etc.
  • What could you do all day long and never get tired of (sleep doesn’t count!)?
  • How do you want to feel after a long day’s work doing what you love?

Step 2: Analyze it

  • Look back at your answers. What ideas came up for you as you were answering these questions? Is there something you’d love to do and think you could earn money doing it? Is there anyone else currently doing what you want? Try learning more about what they do and how they got there!
  • What’s the common theme? Can you craft a sentence based on your answers? For example: “My purpose is to bring happiness to others through expressing my creativity.” Take a shot at it! It doesn’t have to be perfect and it will evolve over time.
  • Take note of your answers to the last question: “How do you want to feel after a long day’s work doing what you love?” Let these feelings guide your decisions towards finding and fulfilling your purpose. As long as you are eliciting these feelings and trying to bring more of them into your life, you will be happy. Ultimately, your purpose in life IS to be happy, to become your best self. Whatever career allows you to bring out these feelings of happiness and fulfillment, that’s exactly what you need to be striving for! Take it one step further and write down these core feeling (narrow them down to 3-5), and hang them up somewhere as a daily reminder. These feelings should guide your decision-making so you are always moving closer to living the life you want.
  • Take note of your answers to: “Who do you envy?” Look at the list of qualities you admire in that person. Guess what? All the qualities you wrote down are qualities that you already possess within yourself, at this very moment! I know it sounds radical but you already have these qualities inherently, they are just suppressed! Perhaps you’re afraid of how others will judge you. Perhaps you were ridiculed in the past and now you feel like you have to conform to the “norm” in order to fit in. Well guess what, just be yourself! I give you permission to. Be the unique, crazy, quirky, eccentric, or goofy person inside, because the world needs the authentic you! As you embrace your own uniqueness, your path towards embracing your purpose will also become more clear!

Step 3: Now what?

Here comes the real work. To move forward with embracing and fulfilling your purpose, you need to be brave and really grow those ovaries (or cojones)! It involves being fiercely committed to changing your thoughts, beliefs, and actions and doing the tough work it takes to create the life you want. You’ve got to believe in yourself 200{54c12dad2cc2b53ae830e39915b1a3e70288dbcbbeb8bbf8395437c5dc3c512c} and truly feel like you are worth having the life you’ve always dreamed of. If you have a general sense of your purpose or calling but have no idea how to get there, then explore my Be Your Own Heroine Coaching Program. It was designed to provide motivation, accountability, and a kick in the butt so you can become who you were born to be. Find out more here and how you can schedule a FREE intro session with me!

This week’s challenge: How will you commit to finding your purpose and fulfilling it? Share with me your first action item below!

Chinh Pham is fear conqueror, life coach, Hot Hula Fitness instructor, wellness guru, and lover of life! She helps women in their 20’s and 30’s find their purpose, embrace what they’re passionate about, and find the courage to create the life of their dreams! Her vision includes helping each and every woman on this planet look and feel beautiful, inspired, and empowered enough to create a kick-ass life for herself!

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