Feeling Stuck? 7 Ways To Make More Space in Your Life and Get Moving Again

Has it ever crossed your mind that you have no more room in your life? I mean, for anything – the good, the bad…nothing. Stick a fork in you. You’re done.

If you sense that you are absolutely full to the brim with too many worries, stresses, projects, friends, things to do, bills, and more…read on.

Even good stuff takes up space – so all the hopes, dreams, your health, your children, the vacation you want to take…

Everything you do, your thoughts, your relationships, the people around you, the world – it’s all a little too much sometimes.

So the question is…how can we make more space and time for the good stuff?  You know…that stuff that doesn’t weigh you down, but inspires you and makes you excited to wake up in the morning?

You need to find or make more White Space in your life.

Question Time

How would you rather feel? Drained or exhilarated? Inspired or stuck in the mud? Frazzled or anxious?

We all have times when we feel weighed down. We want to do our best at work and at home. We want our families to thrive and our homes to sparkle while we try to make more money, finish first, and live the dream.

But we push ourselves so hard that we end up having to start and restart all the time.

We shuffle pieces of our life around, but never really make any room to move or breathe.  We fill up the spaces in our brain and our homes and then find that we can’t make sense of anything!

There’s a way to get beyond these moments of too much-ness and start living again–a way to live in the moment without letting life walk all over you or floating aimlessly with nothing to do or focus on.

The first step is to recognize what White Space looks like.

1. You say no without guilt.

2. You make smarter decisions.

3. You feel physically and mentally healthier.

4. You are more energetic and interested in your life.

5. You are more productive.

6.  You stop putting yourself last on the to do list.

7.  You realize you don’t have to do everything on your own or by anyone else’s design.

The second step is to breathe.  Experience white space in the moments when you stop.

When you stop — literally do nothing but breathe, you’ll feel white space.  But you don’t have to stay in this state forever. Obviously, doing nothing sometimes feels really good, but who can do that for more than a few minutes a day–especially with children, work, etc.

A short cut to carving out more space in you life is to start looking for activities that give you this feeling, looking for ways to make more room for what’s important to you, you’ll get hungry for it and seek out new ways to get a shot of space.

It’s Your Turn

What areas of your life need improvement? How will you feel when you’ve accomplished that? Happy? Inspired? Empowered?

Write it down.

Pick up a pen or pencil and a piece of paper–any kind of paper. Write down how you want to feel.

I am going to feel…….

Now fold it up and gently place this piece of paper as a promise to yourself in a safe place.

Maybe you can’t see it yet, but you just made a little space for yourself.

And – If you know you want to get better at self & time management, be more productive, experience more success in your business, develop stronger relationships, and maybe even get started in a better career, you already have too much on your plate and you know you need White Space.

Anne Samoilov is a business/productivity coach and project manager who uses her background in health and fitness to teach women how to achieve their goals using Simple, Focused, Consistent Steps. Anne is the author of The White Space Solution: Make Room For Your Best Life and Work.
Check out her blog at AnneSamoilov.com where she writes articles to help you gain clarity, be more productive, feel less stressed and reach your goals in record time.

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