Eliminating Energetic Mind Cancers for Productivity & Happiness

“$150 dollars are you kidding me! Is that all it is going to cost to replace this hot water tank?” I stammered in disbelief. “Yes sir, that is all it is going to cost,” the kind but somewhat wide eyed repair man explained. “Why didn’t I do this sooner” I mumbled under my breath as I wrote him the cheque and encouraged him to get to it as soon as possible.

Removing a large energetic space occupying lesion from my life for only $150 seemed like the deal of a century.

An ENERGETIC SPACE OCCUPYING LESION (ESOL) is a term I coined a few years back to illustrate the energetic “cancers” that occupy our mind, take up space on our virtual hard drives and rob us of our ability to be as whole, wise and brilliant as we can be. They come in various shapes and sizes; some in the shape of a hot water tank, and from various sources but the end result is always the same. These mind cancers clog our minds, slow down the operating speed of our brains and basically inhibit us from expressing our authentic greatness to the world.

Let me help you understand the background to this particular energetic space occupying lesion. With 5 daughters (yes I did say five) in our house you can only imagine what the morning process must be like to get them all ready for school or work and out the door. It was easier when they were young as they had baths the night before but now it is strictly showers and then drying their hair and straightening their hair and spritzing their hair and whatever the heck else they do every morning to look as gorgeous and radiant as they always do.

With all of those showers happening in the morning it was not uncommon for me to come back from my morning run only to be told not to attempt to shower because there was not enough hot water. My day was stalled waiting for the crazy hot water tank to heat up so I could shower! This was not the highest and best use of my time at all.

We tried to get one of those “on demand” tanks of limitless hot water but because of space restrictions for venting we could not put one in. We sort of resigned ourselves to this being how life was going to be for many, many, many years. This energetic space occupying lesion grew bigger by the day. I would conservatively predict that ESOL to cost us tens of thousands of dollars in lost ideas and productivity, not to mention the reduction in our joy levels and quality of life!

Then one day I had the innate thought flash that maybe there actually were bigger hot water tanks on the market now! We were initially told ours was the biggest we could get and upon a little research, the $150 solution I referred to above was found! Now we can all shower in the morning and don’t have to worry about who showered last or at what time. The energetic space occupying lesion has been removed.

So my challenge to you is to look around in your life for things you are tolerating, putting up with or living with that are energetic space occupying lesions for you. I contend that “A Course in Miracles” is correct and that the solution to life’s problems/challenges lies in the problems themselves and are there for us to find simultaneously with having the problems revealed. Removing these from your life will create more space for new things, ideas, people and abundance as well as enhancing your joy level and improving your quality of life.

Maybe for you it’s a pet peeve you have with a family member that could easily be resolved if you muster up the courage to have a polite conversation. Perhaps you have a project that you just can’t finish and it’s all you think about. Whatever your predicament may be, I contend there are a thousand solutions to every one problem, if we are only able to believe that to be true and act from that place.

I encourage you to make a list of the ESOL’s in your life and think of 3 solutions, abstract or realistic, that would free this up in your mind. Just sit with the thought of having that free from your mind and how much happier you become. Isn’t this a great feeling?

Please share in the comments below what you would like to release from your mental hard drive.

13 Responses to Eliminating Energetic Mind Cancers for Productivity & Happiness

  1. Worrying about well, anything, is my biggest problem right now. Trying to slowly overcome it a day at a time – difficult but hopefully doable!

  2. Just_Jess says:

    I need to get the AC fixed in my car. It seems like such a hassle to go anywhere and I feel like it makes me lazy because its so hot all the time and I am all sweaty and sticky and miserable within minutes of climbing in to my heat box of a car, that I just do not want to go anywhere. I just haven’t went to see what is wrong with it, and I am afraid of the cost of the fix. But after reading this, that is my new goal tomorrow. First thing in the morning I will go have it checked out!!

  3. Marea Berg Sharpe says:

    The ESOL’s in my life are…my stinky old sofa, my unfinished photo project, the extra weight on my body, and my horrible smoking habit.

  4. Michael Thomas Lynch says:

    I don’t get it really. I mean in general I get that things take up space in our minds hearts wherever that might not should be taking up space, but how are they lesions and what do I do about them?

  5. Jacky says:

    I always wanted to pursue a post grad degree but was held back by low marks that would prevent admission. ‘There are a thousand solutions to any one problem…’ Thanks! This is the direction I needed!

  6. Ken says:

    Agree that maxing out what David Allen calls “psychic Bandwith” takes away a lot of creativity. What I am rather interested in knowing, what is the $150 Water Heater solution? I am currently experiencing this problem in my home.

  7. Ken
    In our case it was simply a “bigger” hot water tank …. didn’t have room for an “on demand” hot water system.

  8. There certainly always are Jacky … thanks for sharing.

  9. Michael
    It is a bit of a metaphor …. but not really …….. these things do take up space in our minds and block new ideas and new ways of being in the world from occurring. Finding them is an art form and a great coach can help you with this but one way to do it is to list all of the things you are tolerating in your life and then set a deadline for cleaning them up.

  10. Marea

    Set deadlines and clear out those ESOL’s

  11. Always doable aimee …… prioritize and take those worries down one at a time.

  12. Michael Thomas Lynch says:


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