Communication: Is your body language sending the wrong signals?

You might not be aware of the body language you unconsciously use, but rest assured that other people are. Poor body language can lead to bad impressions, distrust, and unnecessary confusion.

RirianProject has put together an excellent article on improving body language by avoiding common errors:

When it comes to body language, simply avoiding the most common mistakes and replacing them with more confident movements will make a big difference.

These are the actions you should avoid:

  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Putting something between you and the listeners
  • Fidgeting, rocking, or swaying
  • Keeping your hands in your pockets or clasped together
  • Standing or sitting perfectly still
  • Slouching, leaning back, or being hunched over
  • Using phony gestures
  • Jingling coins, tapping toes, and other annoying movements

Recognizing the signs bad body language is the first step towards improvement. What other techniques can be used to improve body language?

Do You Recognize These 8 Body Language Killers? [RirianProject]