Fighting an afternoon slump to keep up with busy work schedule

5 Ways to Beat an Afternoon Slump in the Winter

6 Ways to Beat an Afternoon Slump in the Winter r

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8 Proven Tactics to Stay Productive All Day Long

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Being Unproductive Taught Me 4 Things About Productivity

The 4 Things Being Unproductive Taught Me About Productivity

I’m the guy who used to be so unproductive my priorities abandoned me.

And I never retrieved them until I replaced my bad habits with good habits. r

5 Books Guaranteed To Unlock Your Creative Genius

5 Books Guaranteed to Unlock Your Creative Genius

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Crush Your Goals: The 5 Essentials For Success

Crush Your Goals: The 5 Essentials for Success

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productivity tips

The One Tip That Can Take Your Weekly Productivity From ‘Meh’ to ‘Magic’

Thomas Edison said, “Being busy doesn’t always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishment.”

There is a lot of truth hidden in these few words. r