4 Non-Traditional Meditation Practices To Help You Become One With Yourself

4 Non-Traditional Meditation Methods To Help You Become One With Yourself

Although meditation is commonly used as a religious practice it is also used for means of relaxation, stress control, and peace of mind. Time r

3 Simple Techniques For Enhancing Your Mental Clarity

3 Simple Techniques for Enhancing Your Mental Clarity

To improve your mental clarity and overall effectiveness in any area of life, you can counter the effects of a noisy, riotous mind with these 3 simple techniques below. r

5 Reasons Meditation Inevitably Improve Your Relationship

5 Reasons Meditation Inevitably Improves Your Relationship

A lot of people know that meditating has quite a few health benefits. Only a few people know that meditation has the power to improve your relationship. r

Transcendental Meditation

What is Transcendental Meditation and Why You Should Care

Meditation changed my life.

I have been meditating for twenty minutes, twice a day for over a year now and have seen some significant changes in myself. r

The Secret Your Meditation Teacher Won't Tell You

The Secret Your Meditation Teacher Won’t Tell You

You’ve read enough about mindfulness to give meditation a shot alone at home, but there’s something missing. r

From Successful To REALLY Successful in Just 5 Minutes a Day

From Successful to REALLY Successful in Just 5 Minutes a Day

You do have what it takes to go from successful to REALLY successful–as successful as you want to be, and downright happy–with time to spare. r