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How To Be More Present With Your Family in 3 Steps

Finally, you should define the time when you do your work. This ensures that others know at what time you are in a work mode and when you shouldn’t be disturbed.

With these steps, you can clear up the confusion, focus on your work, and also be fully
present with your family when you are not working. r

5 Reasons Why Babies Would Make Successful Bloggers

At the same time, I realized that babies would make perfect bloggers, since they own certain characteristics that every successful blogger has. r

7 Habits We Teach Our Kids But Often Fail To Do Ourselves

In 2011 I became a dad. Having a son was a big change in mine and my wife’s lives.

Since we have had a new family member in our home, I have been thinking about parenthood quite a bit. Although our son is still quite young (1 year and two months old when writing this), I have also been thinking about the future years of my son.

Specifically, I have been thinking of all the different lessons that I can teach him as he grows up.

At the same time, I have noticed that there are conflicts in the lessons that we adults teach to our children. It seems that very often what we teach is actually quite different from what we actually do.

When you look at this list, does it sound familiar? r

4 Fantastic Time Management Quotes & How To Put Them Into Practice

I’m a big fan of quotes. They make my day more energized, give me new inspiration and at the same time, I just love the conciseness of them: a lot of wisdom packed into a small sentence. Since I’m a productivity enthusiast, I started thinking how to take advantage of this wisdom and apply them to everyday home office situations. What happened was that eventually I found 4 quotes that – when implemented properly – can help anyone to improve his/her time management. So if you’d like to get a bit more motivation and wisdom to your day and learn how to apply the quotes in practice, then this post if for you. r

7 Important Productivity Habits My Parents Taught Me

My childhood was a very regular one: I hung around with my friends, went to school and had a lot of activities going on on a daily basis.

When I look at my childhood, I’m able to see the productivity lessons my parents taught me. Although I had a hard time following them when I was a kid, and I can now truly value them as the cornerstones of my productivity. r

How To Bring The Joy Back To Your Productivity

When you try to be extremely productive on tasks you should be enjoying, you are killing the joy of doing those nice things.

This in turn causes you anxiety and stress, because you treat the joyful events and situations as items on the task list that has to be crossed out – as soon as possible. r