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5 Truths That Will Transform Your Life

We all prefer to live by our own rules. These are often trial and error methods. We make mistakes, learn a lesson from them and avoid them in future. A wise way to live life is by learning from others’ mistakes. With eons of wisdom and experience, there are some golden rules that hold good for every one. r

5 Effective Ways to Rise from the Ashes

By acknowledging the current situation, you are in a way introspecting. Do a reality check and find out the root causes of the present condition. If you think you made a mistake somewhere, admit it. Confess to yourself the deepest truths. And if you think you are in downfall because of your own acts, admit it and accept it. r

How To Overcome Your Inferiority Complex

This comparison is the main cause of inferiority complex. We compare ourselves with our neighbours, colleagues, batch mates, celebrities, siblings and with strangers too! r

Let Go of Your Fears: Learn The Art of Public Speaking

Later she told me that the jury liked my speech and confidence and which is why even though I exceeded my time limit, I was one of the winners. From there on, one place where I feel very confident is – stage. I participated in numerous debates, speeches, extempore competitions and won and even today I like passing my time on stage. r

Why Winning is Overrated

Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing’. The credit to this infamous quotation usually goes to Henry Russell and Vince Lombardi.
But does or rather should this quotation hold good in all spheres of life?
I, at a personal level feel, there is much beyond winning. Infact, I say the real ecstasy lies beyond winning. r

5 Simple Yet Effective Feel Good Factors

Who doesn’t want to feel good about himself? We all do. Though, in our own good, unique ways. I have jotted down my feel good factors and I would be happy to know if you could add your take to the list. r