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One Simple Way to Improve Any Relationship

The simple way to improve any relationship is to adjust your expectations: expect to receive less and expect to give more. r

How To Conquer Fluctuating Ambition in 5 Steps

Related to fear, low confidence will stop you from doing great things. Ambition the night before shows you want it, but it could be that deep inside you don’t believe you’ll get the results you want. If you don’t envision success, you’ll avoid action. r

The 3 Deadly Personal Development Pitfalls

Personal development is something that every person strives for on some level. For someone like me, it’s a huge life focus. I think if you’re not growing as a person, you’re shrinking. In my endless pursuit of improving myself and learning, I’ve uncovered 3 show-stopping personal development pitfalls that can hamper our journeys to become better. r