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I do this because I share a need with every other person on this planet - to feel ALIVE. I believe that we all have a right to an exciting, prosperous and meaningful life. However, I know it isn't possible when playing by the system's rules. That's why I wrote my book, Screw the System: A modern guide to Greatness, and it's why blog, coach and run the Screw the System website.

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Why Christmas is (Unknowingly) Making You Unhappy

Why Christmas is (Unknowingly) Making You Unhappy

Ahh Christmas. The time of year when we lie to our children, put on an average of 4lb between the 25th December and New Year and pay for numerous gifts and meals with money we don’t have. r

The ONE thing you need to know (that the experts won't tell you) to be Successful

The ONE thing you need to know (that the experts won’t tell you) to be Successful

Most personal development experts stick to the tried and tested route when it comes to explaining how to be successful. They’ll give you the version you want to hear. r

Why The Chances of Living Your Dream Are Better Than You Think

Why the Chances of Living your Dreams are Better than you Think

Have you ever been inspired by the idea of doing something amazing with your life?

Pretty dumb question right? r

The ONE Simple Step To Developing Life Long Confidence

The ONE Simple Step to Developing Life Long Confidence

Trawling through YouTube the other day, I was amazed by the quantity of confidence videos. There are thousands of them, with everyone from fitness coaches to life coaches and even lay people giving their 2 cents on what it takes to build confidence. r

Is Self-Help A Waste Of Your Time?

Is Self-Help a Waste of your Time?

Self-Help? Some Psychologists are keen to attack the self-help industry. Interestingly enough, this usually coincides with them having a book of their own to promote. r

7 Alternative Bucket List Goals You MUST Achieve Before Dying

7 Alternative Bucket List Goals you MUST Achieve before Dying

Sorry to bring up the issue of death! I know most of us would rather ignore this inconvenient truth but I prefer to embrace it. r