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3 Sure-Fire Ways to Generate New and Great Ideas

First, the bad (that’s the way I prefer it): To have new and great ideas require work. The belief that an excellent idea just pops into your head in an AHA! moment is wrong. Eureka, like overnight success, takes time.

Now the good: It is possible for anyone to generate great ideas. Stop thinking that you can’t be creative and realize that you just don’t know how. You have all the resources you need to create awesome ideas and lucky for you, this article will show you how to do it. r

The Top 7 Reasons Why You Are Unhappy

How many happy people do you see?

How many of them are smiling or exhibiting other signs of happiness?

Unless you’re with a bunch of kids, I’m willing to bet the number of unhappy people far outweigh the happy.

Why is that?

Where did we go wrong? r