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8 Excuses You Need To Eliminate In Order To Succeed In Life

8 Excuses You Need to Eliminate in Order to Succeed in Life

It’s an excuse to not want to do work and accept a comfortable, yet mediocre life. r

9 Things Happy People Are Super Chill With

9 Things Happy People Are Super Chill With

You can’t sweat the small stuff. You can’t be pissed off all the time. You can’t let other people get to you. You also definitely can’t think everything is going to go wrong! r

11 Ways To Unleash Your Awesome

11 Ways To Unleash Your Awesomeness

Real awesomeness is about living the life you’re meant to live! It’s about confidence, charisma and happiness all rolled into one. r

10 Rules For A Happy Life

10 Rules For a Happy Life

If you’re not having fun in life, then why the hell are you still up? r

5 Ways I'm Happy Despite My Supposedly 'Old' Age

5 Ways I’m Happy With My Supposedly “Old” Age

And not surprisingly, I get questioned, critiqued even by a lot of people. They wonder how I can lead such a lifestyle and why is it I’m not doing what everyone else is doing at such an “old” age.” r

8 Simple Things You Should Stop Taking For Granted

8 Simple Things You Need To Stop Taking For Granted

One day here. The next day gone.

Here are 9 simple things we need to stop taking for granted: r