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The 3 Best Reasons To Have a Snack

The 3 Best Reasons To Have A Snack

To snack or not to snack, that is the question? For years the great debate over how to get a hold over our health has raged on – 3 big square meals? 5-6 smaller meals through out the day? r

How To Create Amazing Habits (for free!)

How To Create Good Habits (for Free!)

In these videos, Barrie shares something that’s spot on with my personal values …

Creating indestructible habits. r

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So Proud To Introduce You To LEAF

So after 3 years of tirelessly working to create an innovative destination that young women everywhere can call home, we are proud to invite you to the world of LEAF – and while you’re here I hope you are informed, entertained & inspired! r

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Best Quotes Of The Month

In my new regular series I share with you my most inspirational quotes I’ve found over the past month. r


Best Quotes Of The Month

In a new monthly segment, I’ll be bringing you my favorite quotes of the month – click through to check them out.
I hope you find them as inspiring and I have! r

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Welcome The Community Blog! A Brand New Feature on PTB

We’ve received so many submissions, in fact, that we had run out of slots to fill
and left many creative voices unheard. With this in mind – wanting to provide the
greatest, most eclectic self improvement resource on the web – we’ve created a
special section to try and accommodate all of these great writers that have honored
us with their submissions. r