Are Blocking Beliefs Stopping You from Attaining Your Dreams?

Blocking beliefs are beliefs that keep you from accomplishing your ambitions.

They can be obvious like “I’m not good enough”. Or more discreet like “Life should be easy”.

Beliefs are very strong. They can provide assistance to you. And they can hinder you. They can help you reach your highest objectives. Or they can direct you to despair and helplessness.

Have you heard of the phrase “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me!” I bet you got at least a twinge of anguish thinking about that phrase. I’m sure your perceptive, conscious mind understands that it is perfectly true. Names can’t hurt you like getting hit with a rock would. But your emotional side remembers the childhood teasing and distress.

Words don’t cause Pain

But it’s not the words that cause the pain; it’s your understanding that causes the pain. Say a person calls you stupid. Thoughts start flickering through your head faster than you can follow. I can think of 3 different general reactions all based on what you say to yourself, which is based on your beliefs:

“How dare he! That @#$%@$# has no right to say that to me. He’s a @#$#@ and I’m going to get him back.” The more thoughts like that flash through your head, the angrier you get.

“She thinks I’m stupid. Most people think I’m stupid. I must be stupid. I’m wholly worthless.” You start feeling bad. The more thoughts like thisĀ  run through your head the worse you feel.

“I’m not stupid. That’s just their view. It doesn’t mean I am actually stupid. Honestly it doesn’t change who I am at all!” With these thoughts, what was said doesn’t bother you in the least. You can just go on as if nothing occurred.

The first 2 responses are blocking beliefs. The last is a neutral belief.

The bitter reaction is because you believe that they MUST not do that. They violated your principles! They violated you! You must show them who’s boss! These are your beliefs. These beliefs are causing your response. But are these beliefs right? Is there some law in the universe that says no one can ever call you names? If someone calls you a name, does that make it true? What matters more? What people call you? Or who you really are?

The depressing reaction is from blocking beliefs like “Other peoples opinion is what matters.” “If other people think bad of me, I must be bad.” “They are right, I am stupid. I’ll never do it right.” Are these beliefs any more accurate than the angry person’s beliefs?

Your belief, these blocking beliefs are all that’s holding you back from having everything you want.

Next time you feel a strong emotion, catch what you’re saying to yourself. Then find the roots of those thoughts.

This applies just as much when you are creating or saying an intention or affirmation. Be knowledgeable of your feelings. If there is a bad feeling, keep asking why until you have uncovered the core belief and disputed it or changed it. Don’t let a blocking belief go unchallenged.

Don’t let blocking beliefs like these stop you from improving your life.
Dispute them!

Natalie has gone from welfare and depression to wealth and happiness by changing her thoughts and is dedicated to helping others improve their lives by breaking down the barriers that they have inside themselves.
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