How To Accomplish Your True #1 Goal in Life

What is your #1 goal or dream you wish to accomplish?

We all have ONE that we are too embarrassed to tell people about and NEVER actually pursue or maybe have tried and given up.

You know, the one in the back of our minds that seems to elude us.  It fails to get our full attention as we continue through life like it doesn’t really exist.

We usually say things like:

“I really want to ____”

“I wish I could _____”,

“someday I will _____”

Or we daydream about it all day long but never actually commit and take action.

My true goal was to start an online business and to write this blog to share what I learned from obsessively reading, experimenting and doing things ass backward as opposed to following conventional wisdom.

Instead of following my true goal, I avoided it.  I did everything but dedicate myself to pursue it.

Instead managed to:

  • Start and fail at two other businesses.

  • Got back to school and ace all the pre-med classes including the dreaded orgo.

  • Study really hard for the MCAT exam.

  • Train for the NJ state police physical exam and crush it.

  • Become a registered EMT, work at a hospital and save lives.

  • Destroy my relationships by working too much.

I managed to do everything EXCEPT what I really wanted most.

Every now and then I reminisce about the past, reliving the countless hours I spent struggling.  I can truly say I have no regrets for PURSUING  weird things.  The only regrets I have are from NOT fully pursuing my true goal and actually working too much.

We can all blame not pursuing our real goals on being lazy or lack of commitment but let’s take a deeper look.  After talking to many others and reliving my past mistakes I came to the conclusion that two main mental blocks hold us back.

1. Fear.

2. Feeling overwhelmed

As we stare out the window into the sky dreaming about our goals, a storm of thoughts brews as we start to question ourselves.  We wonder, what if? what do I do next? how should I? should I try ___?  All these thoughts lead to confusion and anxiety and amass to that deep overwhelming feeling.

With a million and one thoughts and questions with no answers, we fail to take action because we don’t know where to start.

It’s like beginning a journey of a thousand miles but never actually taking the first step because you don’t know where to place your foot!

The result is we follow other clear cut paths that we do know how to do.  Medicine and being a state cop have clear cut processes, all you have to do is follow it and perform well.  Simple.

It was difficult to realize what I was really doing to myself but now instead of wishing and hoping and pursuing weird things, I am making progress everyday leading me one step closer to my true goals.  The hardest part is getting over the fear and feeling of being overwhelmed and truly commit to pursuing your number one dream or goal.

Here’s how to take action instead of wishing and hoping for your dreams and goals to come true.

1.  Get out a piece of paper and write your #1 dream or goal.  What do you REALLY want? What is really in the back of your mind that you mostly think about?  Be extremely clear about it.

2.  Write down EVERYTHING you can do that will get you closer to that goal.  Break it down into grainy detail.  Write down EVERYTHING.

3. Identify what matters most.

4. Start by working on it everyday no excuses.  Commit to at least  30 minutes.

Enjoy the process, you are on your way!


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